Hostages of the mediocrity of others


talking about LeBron James And the Cristiano Ronaldo He talks about excellence in sports. It is no less than two active legends of basketball and football, so buying them is not really difficult. Rather it is a simple task, as both have achieved countless successes individually and with their teams throughout their careers.

The other thing to highlight is their tremendous professionalism. It’s just that being a top player at the age of 25 or 26 doesn’t mean being a player at the age of 37. There are situations like Javier Zanetti In football, who retired at the age of 40 in intermilan; a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Retired at the age of 42 in Los Angeles Lakers.

They are specific and unique cases. Something intended for very few, and only those who wish to be very professional for several years of their career. This is undoubtedly the case with these two players: No one doubts today that they are among the best in the world in their own sports. However, far from enjoying the later years of their career, they are hostage to the average performance of others.

LeBron James career

LeBron James It was the first overall pick for the 2003 draft. Picked by Cleveland Cavaliersa team he was in from that year until 2010. With compete He was going to reach the finals in 2007, but they lost to San Antonio Spurs. After 7 years he went to Miami Heat Where he formed one of the best teams in recent years.

mosques Coincided in the Florida franchise with Dwayne Wade And the Chris Bushwho was great with him “The Big Three”Who will play four NBA Finals: 2 defeats (2011 vs. Dallas Mavericks and 2014 against San Antonio Spurs) and two victories (2012 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder and 2013 against San Antonio Spurs).

After the 2014 finals, lebron I decided to go back to Cleveland With the mission of winning the first episode of the franchise. In 2015 they came close to losing the final against Golden State the Warriors. The following year, they retaliated by beating them the Warriorsbut would lose the Finals again to the San Francisco team in 2017 and 2018. In 2018 he refused to renew with compete To go to Los Angeles LakersWhich team will win the 2020 championship?

The following year, they lost in the first round of hems against Phoenix Suns. Finally, last season, a team was formed to fight for the title, although in the end they did not even qualify for the title. playing in. Among other achievements, lebron He is the top scorer in history NBA playoffsThe second in the history of the league. was 4 times MVP Finals and 4 times Regular Season MVP.

Cristiano Ronaldo career

something very cool about him CR7 It is the number of great teams he has played in throughout his career, leaving good memories in all of them. From an early age, the Portuguese showed that he would be a world football star. At the age of 17 he first appeared in Sporting LisbonThrough outstanding performances that caught the attention of history Alex Ferguson.

Only one year in his country team will last CR7 Before moving on to the difficult stage Premier Leaguein one of the most famous bands of that country: Manchester United. With this team they will win 10 titles, including 3 Premier Leaguesand 1 Champions League and 1 clubs World Cup. In 2008 he will win his first title 5 golden balls (The others were in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017).

In 2009 will go to Real Madrid, where he played for 9 years, and his harvest of titles increased: no less than 16 titles, 10 of them at the international level. there was 4 Champions League, 3 Club World Cups, 3 European Super Cups, 2 League, 2 Copa del Rey and 2 Spanish Super CupIn addition to Euro 2016 with the Portugal National team. after 2018 Champions Leaguehe is going to Juventus.

In the Italian club, he could not win at the international level, although he achieved many successes in domestic competitions. There were 5 titles, including 2 Series A. In 2021 he decided to return to a Manchester United In crisis to help him get back to the top. Including Portugal goals, Ronaldo He has 816 goals in 1,129 matches, with an impressive average of 0.73 goals per game.

Both present

As mentioned earlier, both players are 37 years old (lebron He will turn 38 on December 30 this year and CR7 On February 5th, she has a distinguished career. At this age, the last years of their activity, one would think that they should enjoy themselves a little more rather than going through some uncomfortable situation due to the weakness of others rather than their lack of talent.

It would be understandable that they are in this situation if they are in rather small teams, where the budget is not enough to have great players. But this is not the case. Los Angeles Lakers It is one of the most important privileges in NBA While Manchester United She is historical Premier League Team.

lebron He was imprisoned in a team that last season was full of stars and couldn’t even make it to playing in. This season the same story seems to be repeating itself: The Lakers They show a low profile, and all players are the focus of criticism. Although in the case of lebronIt is not he who is being attacked, but rather Russell Westbrook. It happens that at the age of 37 the player should bring more experience, and the leadership should be carried out by younger players.

Cristiano Ronaldo Even worse. unlike mosquesFor some fans or journalists, it seems like everything is going bad Manchester United It is his fault. CR7 He gets blamed over and over again, as if McGuiredefensive errors, DJconfusing errors, McTominayChildish penalties or SanchoHis bad passes were all his fault.

As if that wasn’t enough, now the coach Teen Hag He doesn’t seem clear on whether or not he wants to get the Portuguese. Although this is true Cristiano He had very questionable attitudes, it is unfair to blame him for the team’s bad moment. It really hurts, just as it happens lebronto see how these legends spent their final years of their careers wrapped in controversy rather than fighting for titles, hostage to another mid-level person.

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