‘House of the Dragon’ director explains Daemon’s bond with Caraxes and Vermithor



The end of the first season of “House of the Dragon” has fans wondering what will happen next. One of the most mysterious scenes was the taming of Demon Vermithor, one of the unclaimed dragons. Director Greg Yatanis explained the sequence.

Devil Targaryen
© HBODevil Targaryen

Season 1 of “Dragon House” It came to an end in staggering numbers (9.3 million people watched the final, according to HBO) and promised to fight for next season, which is expected to appear in 2024. However, the ending left fans many things to think about, including, of course, the Dragon.

One of the most talked about sequences in the last episode was When The Devil Sings (Matt Smith) high valerian to a huge dragon, which turned out to be Vermithor, which was Dragon King Jaehaerys.

Fans wonder how things will work, like evil A dragon (Caraxes) has previously claimed a unique “bond between dragon and knight”. Episode 10 Director Greg Yaitannis Explain the scene and harass the repercussions that may arise from it.

What does it mean for a Daemon to be “enchanted” by Vermithor

Talking to Eagle, Yitanis explained that he and Smith Approach him (the scene) like a charming snake. The devil has already claimed a dragon, so what is his agenda? You have to imagine him thinking, It’s just flirting. He’s already got a dragon, but he’s like, I’m going to check that other dragon.”

He said the fans are right and really “You should ask questions, Because there will be answers for them, I imagine, in the future. ” As he said it because “The demon’s moral compass is so vague, people wondered if the song and Luke’s death were somehow connected, if he had done something to summon it.”

At the beginning of the episode, the devil is seen talking about the number of dragons black Compared to the green side. According to his count, they have seven adult dragons, including dragons who don’t have a rider, which is the case for them Vermithor.

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