‘House of the Dragon’ producer teases Daemon’s twist that could change fans’ perception of him



One of the most beloved characters from “House of the Dragon” was Daemon Targaryen from Matt Smith. However, the producers are teasing a change that may make fans not like him very much.

Matt Smith in "Dragon House"
© Twitter: @houseofdragonMatt Smith in “House of the Dragon”

Season 1 of “Dragon House” Coming to an end, with last episode (10) Broadcast this Sunday (October 23). Just like its predecessor Games of Thrones, the show has captured the online conversation and fans are excited about it Personalities. One in particular drew viewers: Smith is a demon Targaryen. But the show’s producers are teasing a change that may (or may not) make fans hate it.

Part of the magic of the series, adapted from the novel by George R. R. Martin “fire and blood” is that characters usually operate in a moral gray area. Sure, viewers pick sides (with their hashtags) but, on paper, Daemon wasn’t supposed to become the newest Daemon “Friend of the Internet.” He did many questionable things, like killing his first wife, for example, but as the season progressed, he had “weak” moments that made fans love him.

The two of them came in episode 9 when he helped his brother, King Viserys (Paddy Considine)And the Reaching the Iron Throne after stumbling, and moments later, when Faymond Villarion beheaded after an insult RhineraHis wife and heir to the throne. But, since the first episode, every Sunday, fans are joking that they are “Ready to defend Damon’s crimes.” So, what could make them turn on it? Here’s what the writer and director of House of the Dragon said.

House of the Dragon producers talk about Daemon’s fan base and his future

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writer and executive producer Sarah Hess and the director Claire Kellner They revealed their feelings about fans’ love for Daemon, and how things might change in the future of the (already revamped) series, including the first season finale.

“We’ll see a different side of it,” Hess said from the end. “And now, we’re writing season two and finding out, What is the nature of his relationship with Reinera? There are many explanations [in George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood] Episode 6 and 9 writer said.

Speaking of Damon’s fan base, Hess said that she especially ‘confused’ byasks ‘How – in what way – was he a good partner, father or brother – to anyone? You get me.’ It’s not Paul Rudd.” But she admits that the charisma of her name has something to do with her: “Not that Matt is not incredibly attractive and gorgeous, and he is incredible in this role. But the devil himself … ”

Meanwhile, Kellner was more receptive to saying that You are not surprised Because Matt’s such a stuntman in his performance and he has that little smile, you know… You can’t help him! He is an attractive personality. People love villain. But I don’t think he’s a good father or a good brother.”

However, Smith might disagree with that. In an interview with The New York Times, the demon actor said “He cares what his brother thinks.” and that “there is a deep and deep love between them.” He also said that he believes that the devil “He’s got his own weird moral compass. What appears to be just a weird, crazy person, thinks he’s doing the right thing.”

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