How did Ghana qualify for the FIFA World Cup?


Qatar 2022

Ghana is one of the 32 national teams that will participate in the FIFA World Cup, and their group is very interesting. Find out how this African team qualified for Qatar 2022.

Antoine Semeneu in a friendly match held in France against Brazil
© Dean Mahtaropoulos / Getty ImagesAntoine Semeneu in a friendly match held in France against Brazil

In the twenty-first century, it has been one of the most enduring existences in the world Cup Represent Africa It was definitely Ghana. They just qualified for this big tournament For the first time in Germany 2006, although they managed to achieve this consistently. I started this post A round that made them play four out of fiveIncluding Qatar 2022.

The only time they didn’t appear during that time was Russia 2018, so they also have a lot of experience playing on the big stage. But they weren’t just another team in one of those, because they’re in South Africa 2010 They were just one match away from becoming the first African ever to reach the semi-finals. handball Luis Suarez From Uruguay Late in the game they prevented the winning goal. After a missed penalty kick, followed by a penalty shootout, their dream came to an end.

Although they will have another chance to make some noise in Qatar 2022. They have a difficult group, but they are very equal. Ghana will compete for a place in the Round of 16 with PortugalAnd the UruguayAnd the South Korea. It will be their first game Cristiano Ronaldo On the flip side, so they should be prepared from the start. Stay here to find out how they qualified for the FIFA World Cup.

Ghana’s road to Qatar 2022

The journey to be in world Cup It is never easy. In Africa, it becomes a little more complicated than in other continents because the final challenge is head-on to decide which Five national teams qualified. Although before reaching this point, they had to go through some competitions since they started in 10- A group tour that divides the remaining 40 participants.

The margin of error there is almost non-existent, because only the leader is ahead. Ghana had to compete with South Africaand Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. In those six matches, they had four wins, one draw and only one loss. But they made it to the last round obligated to beat the South African national team, which they barely did with 1-0 leaving both at 13 points. Ghana advanced after scoring more goals after equalizing on goal difference as well.

This difficult path repeated itself in the last step of the qualifying round. The winners of the group of ten were divided into five head-to-head matches to determine the African representatives in Qatar. It was their competitors Nigeria The duel was close as expected. On their home ground they tied 0-0, so it was all open. Ghana followed with a 1-1 draw that sent them to the World Cup Thanks to their extraterrestrial goal.

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