How did Iran qualify for the FIFA World Cup?


Qatar 2022

Iran will be one of the representatives of the AFC at the FIFA World Cup after a near-perfect journey into the qualifiers. Find out how this national team reached Qatar 2022.

Alireza Jahanbakhsh from Iran
© Amir Khairkha ATPImages / Getty ImagesAlireza Jahanbakhsh from Iran

The path that national teams must take to reach world Cup It is very broad. For many of them, it’s a journey full of drama that could end well or not. but for Iran It was on the other side of it. Due to their own advantages, they were able to secure their place in Qatar 2022 With a lot of anticipation through the great offers.

The good thing about them was the lottery I sent them to group b. There, Iran will have the complex task of playing against title contenders England. However, they avoided the scenario of another power competing with them since United States of America And the Wales are the parties that complete this part of the table.

Iran’s style was battling many enemies because of their defensive discipline. Although he was at a lower level in qualifying compared to the confederations such as UEFAThis Asian opponent should not be overlooked. In the playoffs, they were the most solid team on the continent, allowing only a few goals when it mattered most.

Iran’s road to Qatar 2022

As it happens with all the big teams, Iran started in the second round. This part of the playoffs consists of eight groups of five teams each. There were their opponents IraqAnd the the two seasAnd the Hong KongAnd the Cambodia. Unlike the other regions at this point, it was highly dependent on the final ranking.

Iran ended up taking first place, although it wasn’t easy. It was 18 points in eight matches more than Iraq by just one, but they advanced to the final round. Then the coordination was two halves of six participants each. After 10 matches, the first two matches of each group will go directly to Qatar 2022. Third place teams will have to continue to compete for a playoff point.

All parity seen in the previous round remained in the past. Iran immediately took to be Almost perfect method in the FIFA World Cup. Because they arrived Eight wins, one draw and one loss On its way to a comfortable lead with a total of 25 points. that was More than double what the third national team gotso it was very easily confirmed.

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