How did Senegal qualify for the FIFA World Cup?


Qatar 2022

Senegal was an unforgettable year for football fans in the entire nation. It started with a historic celebration followed by a tough match to get the right to be in Qatar 2022. Find out how they qualified for the FIFA World Cup.

Sadio Mane is Senegal's biggest star
© Xaume Olleros / Getty ImagesSadio Mane is Senegal’s biggest star

The 2022 calendar has been a very busy year for Senegal since its inception. Starting in January, they had a very important commitment to African Nations CupA tournament that I avoided for years despite having great players. Far ahead in the horizon was FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022But a lot could have changed if they didn’t perform well in that tournament from a confidence standpoint.

To own a team full of international stars like Sadio ManeAnd the Kalidou CoulibalyAnd the Edward Mendy Among other things, they at least had to run a race for the title. The journey wasn’t easy, though, as they were able to grab the trophy and gain momentum before the final part of the qualifiers.

In the end, Senegal was drawn with the host country Qatar in group A. They should feel good about it because it’s a very level playing field with the other teams as well. The national teams you complete are Holland And the Ecuador, so it should be a really fun fight. But how did they get there?

Senegal’s road to Qatar 2022

Senegal’s road started in the second round of world Cup Qualifications. But that is why the African exclusion system may be the most difficult of all. This stage divides the remaining 40 teams into 10 groups of four participants each, where only the leader advances for the next round after playing twice in between. There they painted with them TogoAnd the Namibia And the Congo.

It was clear early on that they were the candidates, and they didn’t disappoint. Because they arrived Five wins and one draw On their way to an eight-point lead, they were prepared with a lot of anticipation. Even though they’re not finished yet, it’s time for the more complicated part. Then the winners of the ten group were divided into Five head-to-head matches. One home match and one away match will determine the five teams that will represent the continent in Qatar 2022.

luck decided it Egypt was Senegal’s opponentswhich is the same opponent they beat in the final of the African Nations Cup in A Penalty kicks. that they Lost 1-0 on the road In the score I put a lot of pressure on them, but they managed to get a mark 1-0 win at home. this means Punishments would be up to the judge again. Faith wanted the situation to come to Mané with the possibility of a game winner just as it had happened in their previous meeting. Fortunately for them, Then the Liverpool star scored to send his team straight to the World Cup.

using this Predicting the World CupIn this article, you can see all the possible outcomes of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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