How many games has Argentina’s national team been undefeated?


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Argentina under Lionel Scaloni has been unstoppable for the past two years. The South American qualifiers are over and the Argentine national football team has scored an impressive run of unbeaten matches.

Lionel Messi from Argentina
© Juan Manuel Serrano Ars / Getty ImagesLionel Messi from Argentina

Argentina they came back. After difficult years, Lionel Scaloni brought the Argentine national team back on its feet. 2021 Copa America Winners In Brazil and second in the World Cup qualifiers after much media backlash when he took over, Scaloni found the core group of players to head towards. world Cup.

with Lionel Messi As a pivotal figure for Argentina, Scaloni combined the experience of others and played a healthy defensive style and a killer in attack. Lautaro Martinez, Rodrigo de Paul, Nicolas Tagliafico and Emiliano Martinez make up the rest of the core group.

After Argentina drew 0-0 with Brazil in the last round of CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers In November, Scaloni’s team managed to set a new modern-day record for the Argentine national team, which is more than 20 consecutive unbeaten matches. And after Honduras won 3-0 in an international friendly match held in Miami, Argentina extended their unbeaten run to 34 matches.

When did the undefeated Argentina streak begin?

Argentina started their unbeaten streak in 2019 in the Copa America third place match against Chile, with a 2-1 win, ever since. Argentina have not lost a match and are the national team with the longest unbeaten period at the moment.

The 34 games are divided as follows:

Copa America 2019: Argentina 2-1 Chile (third place).
Friendly Matches: Chile 0-0 Argentina; Argentina 4-0 Mexico; Germany 2-2 Argentina; Ecuador 1-6 Argentina; Brazil 0-1 Argentina; Argentina 2-2 Uruguay.

World Cup qualifiers: Argentina 1-0 Ecuador; Bolivia 1-2 Argentina; Argentina 1-1 Paraguay; Peru 0-2 Argentina; Argentina 1-1 Chile; Colombia 2-2 Argentina, Venezuela 1-3 Argentina, Argentina 3-0 Bolivia; Paraguay 0-0 Argentina; Argentina 3-0 Uruguay; Argentina 1-0 Peru; Uruguay 0- Argentina 1; Argentina 0 – Brazil 0; Chile 1-2 Argentina; Argentina 1-0 Colombia; Argentina 3-0 Venezuela; Ecuador 1-1 Argentina

Copa America 2021: Argentina 1-1 Chile; Argentina 1-0 Uruguay; Argentina 1-0 Paraguay; Argentina 4-1 Bolivia; Argentina 3-0 Ecuador; Argentina 1 (3) – 1 (2) Colombia; Brazil 0-1 Argentina

2022 Final: Italy 0-3 Argentina,

Friendlies 2022Argentina 5-0 Estonia, Argentina 3-0 Honduras

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