How many more seasons will there be?


american horror story Presented its eleventh season after months of waiting. Ryan MurphyThe iconic bizarre anthology series is back in FX just before Halloween to shock all viewers and give them great costume ideas to get their hands on. AHS: New York City The total will be ten episodes and two of them have already aired on Wednesday night, October 19.

Murphy has been responsible for huge successes throughout his career, not only classic horror, but also creating cheerful (The musical series starring teen characters and countless dramas) and Queens scream With Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts. When he decided to go for something more terrifying and darker like AHS, fans followed him without hesitation.

Since then, in October every year, the creator and director have an appointment with his followers. After the New York City premiere, many doubts arose. Like the number of seasons Franchise You will have and which one is the scariest yet. Well, here we give you answers to all questions:

How many seasons will American Horror Story have?

The creators of AHS have announced that they are considering two more seasons, hence the franchise It will include 13 seasonsas one of the longest-running television productions, almost rivaling him instinct anatomy Containing 19. The new episodes are listed as the scariest yet. This makes the eleventh season the darkest in the series.

It is not yet known when the shooting of these films will be scheduled, but the eleventh season of the popular FX series premiered yesterday, so there are still many months left. Remember that in addition to watching the series via live broadcast, you can also watch all the episodes live fuboTVwhich offers a one-week free trial in the United States.

John LandgrafThe head of the channel confirmed the renewal of the seasons during a press conference held in 2020, and said “Ryan and Brad are the undisputed masters of the horror genre on TV, creating an anthology series like American Horror Story, its success continuing and that for nearly a decade it has been one of FX’s finest fiction.”

American Horror Story: What is the order of the seasons?

Season 1 – American Horror Story: Murder House

The film revolves around the house that Harmon chooses to live in Los Angeles. It is old and dreary, with a basement in which there is an evil creature. Ben is a sensitive therapist who lives a normal life until a mysterious secret forces him to move to Los Angeles with his family, wife Vivian and daughter Violet.

Other characters in the house include a housekeeper, a little neighbor named Constance, a half-burned man by the name of Larry and a critically ill for Baines, Tate, who has been targeted by his daughter Violet. The plot will revolve around several stories told in different years along with the present in order to reveal and understand the secrets of the house.

Season 2 – American Horror Story: Asylum

He is set in a bleak ’60s mental institution known as Briarcliff Manor. It is directed by Jessica Lange and Joseph Fiennes as Sister Jude and Monsignor Timothy O’Hara respectively.

Also working at the institution is Dr. Thredson, a psychiatrist with little sympathy for the methods used at the center; Dr. Arden, a physician who has conducted experiments on humans; and Sister Eunice, second in command. On the other hand, among the many patients we will find, among others, a rut named Shelley. Kate, an inmate accused of killing his wife and Lana, a journalist who visits Briarcliffe with his girlfriend to investigate.

Season 3 – American Horror Story: Coven

Follow a group of witches in New Orleans. It’s been 300 years since the famous Salem trials, but a small school led by Fiona teaches younger witches how to protect themselves when they’re in danger again. Set in the present day and in the year 1830, it will mix real and fictional characters.

Season 4 – American Horror Story: Strange Show

The film is set in a small Florida town, Jupiter, in the year 1952. A circus of human curiosity led by Elsa Mars has just arrived in town.

The members of the parade consist of Siamese twins, a bearded woman who is the leader’s right hand or a woman with three breasts with her husband, among others. Problems arise when Stanley, a crook, and Maggie Esmeralda, a psychic, plot to assassinate the residents. It also explores the story of Gloria, a mother who tries to hide the murderous motives of her son Dandy.

Season 5 – American Horror Story: Hotel

It takes place at the Cortez Hotel, which was built in the 1930s by psychopath James Marsh. This building is a labyrinth that allowed the psychopath to carry out his terrible plans.

Now, it’s run by the Countess, a high-society woman whose diet relies on absorbing human blood. Detective John Lowe arrives at this hotel to discover the whole truth about the various murders, inspired by the Ten Commandments. In addition, his personal problems are compounded when he sees his son lost in the corridors of a hotel.

Season 6 – American Horror Story: Roanoke

The film revolves around the story of a married couple, Shelby Miller and Matt Miller, who move to North Carolina with Matt’s sister, Lee Harris. Near the house is a forest inhabited by the ghosts of Thomasin White, the leader of the lost colony of Roanoke.

Additionally, the house is also inhabited by the witch Scathatch, who falls in love with Matt, the lost Polk family and the ghost of the house’s first owner. From the first moment of moving into their new home, a series of supernatural events happen around them. The three heroes try to survive in these events for six consecutive days.

Season 7 – American Horror Story: Cult

The film revolves around the story of New York citizen, Allie Mayfair Richards, who is traumatized by the September 11 terrorist attacks. The young New Yorker developed three phobias, and thanks to his wife Ivy, began to master them.

Donald Trump’s victory brings her worst fear back to life. Kay Anderson, a manipulative neighbor, begins to recruit people to take over the world through acts of violence. Meanwhile, Ivy believes his wife is having psychotic episodes. This lack of credibility on the part of his wife prompts “Ally” to take decisive action to protect herself and her family.

Season 8 – American Horror Story: Apocalypse

He’s a bird between the first season, Murder House, and the third, Coven. This remake is set in a not so distant future, full of horror. The story begins with the end of the world, so a new world begins within the series.

Season 9 – American Horror Story: 1984

He takes us to Camp Redwood, on the outskirts of Los Angeles. A place where several crimes took place many years ago at the hands of Mr. Giggles. The serial killer returns to harm everyone who approaches the scene. Set in the year 1984, the film is a tribute to the horror genre and a nod to George Orwell’s novel.

Season 10 – American Horror Story: Double Feature

The story tells of the life of a writer who collapses, after a creative void, when he is unable to continue developing the new novel in which he is immersed. In an effort to find inspiration and the ability to resume his new project, the protagonist decides to move to a seaside town with his pregnant wife and daughter. But in this new destination, besides finding the peace he longs for, he will find the opposite when he discovers the truth hidden behind the citizens of his new homeland.

Season 11 – American Horror Story: New York City

It dates back to the 70s and 80s, a period in which the protagonists of the novel will have to face the most terrible evil in its various forms.

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