How many teams play in the FIFA World Cup?


Qatar 2022

The most important competition in football, and perhaps the entire sports world, will begin on November 20. Here you can see how many national teams will be competing for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 title.

France is the defending champion after her title in Russia 2018
© Sean Pottrell / Getty ImagesFrance is the defending champion after her title in Russia 2018

One of the oldest sports competitions in the world will celebrate another edition soon. November 20 is the exact date when Qatar 2022 You will launch. But, of course, there is a long history going back nearly a century. As it should happen with every tournament, FIFA World GlassIts format has evolved over the years.

Something very different between the opening Uruguay 1930 Modern day edition and tournaments depend on the number of participants. At first, Only 13 countries from all over the world have traveled to South America To play the first time world Cup. However, this number grew as did football. In fact, it is right Italy 1934 The national teams that were scheduled to play were 16. And they stayed the same until Argentina 1978although not always every qualified team participates.

Sure, those were tough times in a period that included two world wars, so teams have on some occasions decided to opt out. Spain 1982 saw the main tie rise to 24. It took a total of just four FIFA World Cups to make another change given the globalization that the sport was enjoying in those years. At the time, we got to the number of participants in Qatar 2022, but exactly how many teams will you be involved in?

How many teams will participate in the World Cup?

1982 World Cup group held in Spain A number that remained until Mexico 1986, Italy 1990, USA 1994, all the way to France 1998. That year, it wasn’t just the owners of the land who kept the trophy in their homes. It was also the last time we saw the World Cup for 24 teams and there is no way to go back to the time when there were fewer teams.

in all, Qatar 2022 will have 32 participants Trying to win the FIFA World Cup. This version consists of 13 European teamsAnd the four South americaAnd the Five AfricansAnd the four North or Central AmericaAnd the Five AsiansAnd the One from Oceania. This is the only team AustraliaAlthough they play in the qualifiers organized by the Asian Football Confederation.

The number has always been subject to change based on the growth of football. This massive increase in popularity led to another modification for the upcoming World Cup. In 2017, FIFA unanimously agreed to raise the number to 48 . Starting from the tournament scheduled to be Hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico in 2026. On a side note, this will also be the first game to be played in three countries.

using this Predicting the World CupIn this article, you can see all the possible outcomes of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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