How many titles does Gerard Pique have? Complete list by year of trophies won by the Spanish defender


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The announcement of Gerard Pique’s retirement shocked the football community, as he participated in his last match which resulted in a victory over Almeria. Find out here how many titles the Spanish defender has won in his 18-year career.

Gerard Pique from Barcelona with the 2014-15 Champions League
© Sean Pottrell / Getty ImagesGerard Pique from Barcelona with the 2014-15 Champions League

Gerrard Pique It’s great all the time Barcelona, having been part of the team throughout its golden era. The former Spain international earned an unprecedented number of titles as a member of the great Camp Nou team during the 2000s, playing alongside icons such as Lionel MessiAnd the Andre Iniesta and Xavi.

Although he left Manchester United Briefly at the start of his career and quickly returning, the defender confirmed his departure from his childhood club in November 2022. Unexpected retirement announcement. Everyone knew the Spaniard wasn’t going to play forever, but no one thought he’d stop playing in the middle of the season.

Emotions were running high as Gerard Pique, one of Barcelona’s most beloved players, made his last appearance in the colors of the Blaugrana last weekend. The 35-year-old played in his last match for the Blaugrana, with a 2-0 victory over the Blaugrana Almeria In round 13, he was honored with a wonderful goodbye.

Gerard Pique nicknames by year

Pique has been an important part of Barcelona’s defense over the past 14 years, during which time the team has won more titles than any other in the club’s history. It’s amazing that he has won 400 games and 30 trophies in nearly 600 games for the Blaugrana, including La Liga titles and three UEFA Champions League titles.

After more than a decade serving as a key member of Barcelona’s defense, Pique retired 37 nicknames for his name, including three times during his time at the Camp Nou. Pique won on aggregate 30 cups with Blaugrana And like his, Spainin many international competitions.

In his 18 years of working as a professional, he won the 2010 World Cup with Spain, the 2012 European Championship, and a large number of individual titles. In addition to winning accolades with the Spanish national team, he also won four titles while playing for Manchester United.

number year/season Team booty
1. 2006 Spain UEFA European Under-19 Championship
2. 2006 Manchester United Carabao Cup
3. 2007 Manchester United Football Super Cup / FA Shield
4. 2007-08 Manchester United Premier League
5. 2007-08 Manchester United Champions League
6. 2008-09 Barcelona La Liga
7. 2008-09 Barcelona Del Rey Cup
8. 2008-09 Barcelona Champions League
9. 2009 Barcelona Supercopa de España
10. 2009 Barcelona European Super Cup
11. 2009 Barcelona clubs World Cup
12. 2009-10 Barcelona La Liga
13. 2010 Barcelona Supercopa de España
14. 2010 Spain world Cup
15th. 2010-11 Barcelona La Liga
16. 2011 Barcelona Champions League
17. 2011 Barcelona Supercopa de España
18. 2011 Barcelona European Super Cup
19. 2011 Barcelona clubs World Cup
20. 2011-12 Barcelona Del Rey Cup
21. 2012 Spain European Football Championship:
22. 2012-13 Barcelona La Liga
23. 2013 Barcelona Supercopa de España
24. 2014-15 Barcelona La Liga
25. 2014-15 Barcelona Del Rey Cup
26. 2014-15 Barcelona Champions League
27. 2015-16 Barcelona La Liga
28. 2015-16 Barcelona Del Rey Cup
29. 2015 Barcelona Supercopa de España
30. 2015 Barcelona clubs World Cup
31. 2016-17 Barcelona Del Rey Cup
32. 2016 Barcelona Supercopa de España
33. 2017-19 Barcelona La Liga
34. 2017-18 Barcelona Del Rey Cup
35. 2018-19 Barcelona La Liga
36. 2018 Barcelona Supercopa de España
37. 2020-21 Barcelona Del Rey Cup
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