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Qatar 2022

Going to the Qatar World Cup in November? Here is a list of prices to consider when considering where to stay.

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The countdown has begun, and world Cup Only a month away, the focus will be on the whole world Qatar 32 countries want to win the biggest prize in all of the sport. Millions of tourists are expected to land in the small country that has been preparing for this event for more than 8 years.

With 12 million potential hotel and hostel searchers, Qatar Ready to accommodate millions of football fans from all over the world with their luxury hotels to the cheapest rooms possible.

From hotels to villas, here’s a quick price guide for some of the rooms available for tourists and journalists when they go to Qatar 2022 to watch world Cup.

Hotels and villas price guide for Qatar 2022

Luxurious hotel like The five-star Souk Al-Wakra price according to SunSport is in the range of $25,000 per night for the best room in the house. The rooms are very spacious and ample for leisure and work.

Some “cheaper” luxury hotels will be in the range $5,000 per night on some travel sites. Standard rooms in some of Qatar’s best hotels like the Crowne Plaza in Doha cost $1,970 per night with the most basic of accommodations.

The prices of apartments and villas vary, as 30 thousand rooms are put on the market Some apartments range in price from $86 to $966.

The cruise ships also offer the opportunity for tourists to stay aboard during the tournament. Some ships, such as the MSC Poesia start at $179, and the MSC World Europa is $350 per night.

MSC Poesia has three swimming pools, a spa, as well as tennis and basketball courts on board. All hotel rooms also have major accommodations such as swimming pools, TV/cable, and Wi-Fi.

Fan villages, which in some cases are containers converted into homes, will cost $225 a night and include Wi-Fi and TV screens. TThere’s also a tented fan village where fans can camp outside so to speak, and those go for $205 a night with the most basic of accommodations and 20 minutes from six World Cup stadiums.

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