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Liga MX

Toluca and Pachuca will face off in the 2022 Liga MX Apertura League Final. Despite any team battling for trophy-lifting glory, many fans wonder how much money the winners get. In this article you will find all the details about the economic prize for the champion.

Jean Menes in Toluca and Kevin Alvarez in Pachuca
© Agustin Cuevas / Getty ImagesJean Menes in Toluca and Kevin Alvarez in Pachuca

Liga MX Apertura 2022 Qualifiers It’s coming to an end with an amazing match between Pachuca And the Toluca. These two teams were the most successful in Mexico under the new short tournament format which was adopted in 1996. Prior to that year, it was Mexican League I played seasons that lasted a whole year, but after that change we have two tournaments per semester.

Pachuca Reached the World Cup Finals 12 in Tornios Curtos (Short Tournament Format) This is the second series in a row to get the title Guillermo Almada as their manager. on me Clausura 2022The Tozos Lost even when the home game is played against atlas. while, Toluca chasing history. The Diablos Rogos They want their 11th title and this will put them behind the all-time leader: America Club.

For these clubs, the fans and the front office of course, there is a very interesting topic related to the final and the final future seasons. It is not only about the cup, but also about money. Read here to check all the details about the economic prize Liga MX He will give to the heroes.

Liga MX 2022 prize money: How much will the winners get?

anyway Liga MX She never announced an official amount of money, some reports tracked the possible number of the hero. For example, when a file MX Cup He was still playing, and the prize money was close 2 million pesos (about 200 thousand US dollars). naturally , Mexican Cup It was a tournament less important than the league season so we can start from that point.

considering that Mexican Cup The official number, many reports estimate Liga MX Prize money must be at least double: 4 million pesos (About $400,000). It can reach a higher quantity and be close to it 5 million for the winning team. Besides, it’s not only Liga MX The award, but also the bonus that has been activated in contracts with Shepherds.

At the same time, there is another type of prize, which in the long run means more money. For example, the winner of Toluca against Pachuca Going to CONCACAF Champions League. As an international tournament, there is money in every round. There is, too Campion’s Cupthe duel against the king of the MLS.

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