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Henry Cavill is the face of many big projects, but is especially known for his time as Superman and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. Here, check how much he earned against his characters and what is his net worth till 2022.

Henry Cavill in "the magician" Season 2 premieres on December 9, 2021.
© Juan Naharro Gimenez / Getty Images for NetflixHenry Cavill at the “The Witcher” premiere on December 9, 2021.

Henry Cavill He announced a few days ago that he will not be back to play Geralt Rivia In the fourth season of the magician. He also confirmed that he is more than happy with his new successor, Liam Hemsworth And he’s sure he’ll do a great job on his old character’s complexion.

He does not know the real reason for his decision, but it is estimated that it was due to a scheduling conflict, as it came after the announcement of his official return.Superman For DC, five years after he last appeared as a hero in Justice Squad.

his veil in black Adam He was driving fans crazy and they had been waiting for this moment for many years, just like the actor. The post-credit scene was filmed at the same time he was filming Netflix seriesso it had to take some time.

Henry Cavill’s salary as Superman

His initial payment for Man of Steel was $300,000 But it wasn’t his gross profit. Actors are usually paid at the beginning of a project and this is added to what is collected in various aspects, such as marketing, copying, and more.

In their contracts, it is expressly written that they received a share of the profits of the film itself and many other things. In total, Henry received a $14 million check for his time as Superman in Man of SteelAccording to USA Today.

He also participated in other DC productions, such as Justice Squad And the Batman vs SupermanHis salary increased exponentially. It is not yet known exactly how much he earned from new ventures, such as his cameo black Adambut it is estimated to be a large amount of money.

Henry Cavill’s salary in The Witcher

The The 39-year-old actor earned $400,000 per episode For the first season From the Netflix series, according to Variety. So He earned a total of $3.2 million, where he had eight episodes. Then, for the second season, his salary more than doubled what he was earning.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Henry He earned a salary of $2 million per episode in the second season. With a total of eight episodes, he would take $8 million to play Geralt of Rivia.

Henry Cavill net worth

Henry has net value 40 million dollars In total, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His earnings come not only from his movies and series but also from the endorsements and sponsorships he does with brands. In 2008, she began appearing in several commercials for the perfume brand, Dunhill.

Thanks to these small jobs, her net worth increased dramatically. In 2013, he bought a $5 million mansion in Sherwood Lake, near the suburbs of Hollywood. The house is rumored to be quite futuristic and located on top of a natural elevation.

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