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Raul Jimenez is having a tough moment at Wolverhampton, but the Mexican striker will be looking for compensation in Qatar 2022. Here, you can find more details about his Premier League salary including how much money he earns per hour, day, week, month and year.

Raul Jimenez from Wolverhampton
© Catherine Eiffel / Getty ImagesRaul Jimenez from Wolverhampton

Not long ago, Raul Jimenez He was the best Mexican player in the world, and undoubtedly captain of the national team as a central striker in it Qatar 2022. Then after hitting his head in a collision with David Louis In November 2020, everything changed for the striker.

According to many doctors, Raul Jimenez Healing from this skull fracture is a “miracle” and that’s why seeing it in world Cup In Qatar it will be an epic feat. The Mexican star does not remember anything about this violent play in the match between Wolverhampton and Arsenal.

This season, knee and thigh injuries remain the biggest problem Raul Jimenez. The striker only played three matches Wolverhampton And he’s trying to rehab at the last minute to be ready for world Cup. However, in purely economic terms, Raul Jimenez He is still under contract with The Wolves and here you will find very interesting details about his salary.

Raul Jimenez’s contract with Wolves: how much does he earn per hour, day, week, month and year?

After an amazing first season with WolvesDuring the loan period from Benfica, Raul Jimenez A clause was paid by the Premier League team (38 million euros) and the player signed a four-year agreement (2019-2023). Then, in October 2020, Wolverhampton He extended his contract until 2024.

“It’s very special to me, because from the first moment Wolverhampton trusted me and gave me the confidence I was looking for in a European team. Now that I’ve got him, I’m very happy and I don’t want to leave him. I want to keep working hard and winning important things for this club. Raul Jimenez After announcing his new contract.

In his last contract with WolvesRaul Jimenez wins 2.4 euro million a year. Given that number, the Mexican striker makes 200 thousand euros Per month, 50 thousand euros In the week, 7.1 thousand euros daily and approx 300 EUR per hour.

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