How much money will Mattress Mack make if the Houston Astros win the 2022 World Series?



In one of the biggest moments in sports betting history, Mattress Mack put all his faith and money into one event. Read here to check how much money he would make if the Houston Astros won the World Championship.

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The Houston Astros will face Philadelphia Phyllis In the World Championship 2022. Dusty Bakerer swept the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees They are the favorites to win the MLB title. one famous person Mac mattressYou’ll have a lot on the line while fall classic.

The Astros The team was the best during the regular season and played in American League Championship Series The record sixth time. Meanwhile, the Phyllis Shocked the world by eliminating the current heroes Atlanta Braves Then touched strong list like San Diego Padres In the National League Championship Series.

After ALCS and NLCS, a file was created Houston Astros Opened as a favorite -170 and Phyllis He started as the underdog at +140. However, some people placed their bets a long time ago like Mac mattress. Read here to find out who he is and why he is so close to winning the biggest bet in sports history.

How much money would Mattress Mack make if the Houston Astros win the 2022 World Championship?

James Franklin McKingville, better known as Mac mattress He is a businessman who became a millionaire with his retail store Furniture Showroom. It’s an icon in Houston and all of Texas. Almost like a rock star. At the same time, Mac mattress He is famous for his selling and gambling techniques. There’s a traditional show that’s been a hit of his in the past few years. if it was Astros win the World ChampionshipFurniture purchased by his customers is free of charge. An amazing deal, but an improbable one.

still Astros She is again in World Championship This is good news for many customers. In order to cover himself, in a win-win situation, Mac mattress Every year he makes a huge adventure on Houston to recover World Championship. The thing is, in 2022, he went and broke every possible betting record.

if it was Astros win over, Mac mattress will cash $75 million after speaking Houston In a ratio of 7.5 to 1. Before the MLB postseason started, he put 10 million dollars on his favorite team. We don’t know how much furniture was purchased in Houston, but that should at least be how much it should be covered to end up even for Mattress Mack. Again, in terms of strictly gambling, this would be Biggest win in sports betting history.

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