How ready is the league for their first true global superstar?


It’s a dream come true MLS Commissioner Don Garber, The arrival of the biggest football icon in the world… Lionel Messi. According to David Orenstein of The Athletic, Inter Miami They are increasingly optimistic about signing Messi as a free agent next year.

It is rumored in Argentina that Messi has at least three offers on the table now, a contract renewal with PSG, a return to Barcelona, ​​and MLSView Inter Miami. However, it is reported that Messi will not review any offers until after the World Cup as he is 100% committed to winning the world title with Argentina.

MLS is no stranger to big names per se like Zlatan Ibrahimovic And David Beckham were both world class stars when they reached MLS, but Lionel Messi is a star who has truly gone beyond what MLS is used to.

Adjusting to life with Messi if he signed with MLS

It’s a great problem, all things that come with having Lionel Messi on an MLS team. One of Messi’s main issues will be security, in a recent game with Argentina in New Jersey, the match was stopped three times as fans ran in the middle of the match to get an autograph or a selfie with the 35-year-old Argentina.

On a recent vacation in Miami, the former Barcelona legend went out just to eat and more than 300 people outside the restaurant were looking for an autograph. While with Argentina during an NBA game between Pacers and Wizards fans, they flocked to the section where the team was sitting to ask for photos and autographs.

Messi’s global name and face are instantly recognizable, as brands like Target Piggy were backed when the Argentine star was shopping for groceries in Miami and a customer snapped a photo of Messi looking for items to buy.

While Beckham had Hollywood and brand charisma when he arrived at MLS, Messi would be like Pele when he signed with Cosmos, a fanatical follower who would do almost anything to see the Argentine.

Messi will always be a hot commodity

Even at the end of his career, Messi plays out of this world, in the first division this season, Messi scored 7 goals and 10 assists in only 12 games with Paris Saint-Germain. At the level of the Champions League, Messi scored 4 goals and 3 assists in 4 matches, Messi is really at the peak of his level before Qatar.

While Messi stated that Qatar 2022 will “probably” be the finals of the FIFA World Cup, he later backtracked, saying that if he was still playing, he could play the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada. One thing is for sure, Messi will defend the Copa América title in 2024 with Argentina, playing that tournament as an Inter Miami/MLS player.

Messi Holy Grail MLS

In many aspects, Lionel Messi and MLS is a marriage made in heaven, towards the end of his career, Messi could still be instrumental and decisive for the Inter Miami team that is slowly changing him. What MLS can provide Messi is more exposure at some point in his career when regular football stars start to see their exposure slow down.

The United States offers endless media and marketing opportunities, his former teammate Neymar knew this, when he appeared in limited English with Jimmy Kimmel. It’s been nine years since Messi gave an important interview in the States, and he did it in 60 Minutes. MLS and Messi may open himself more to “selling” the sport and displaying his brand.

Messi’s signing will add more fuel to the growing enthusiasm for soccer in the United States, as MLS has grown from a niche sport to a respected professional league, the 2026 World Cup will have a huge build and could increase Messi’s presence in the United States. Interest in sports.

If anything like MLS recently hit a major streaming video with Apple TV and it’s still working on a linear 2023 TV package, Messi could help improve the ratings for MLS, which has seen slow growth over the years, but there’s still something to really get advertisers excited about on a line and national level.

MLS had waited nearly 30 years for this moment, Zlatan and Beckham were just part of the equation, Messi was what Jordan was in the NBA, what Ali and Tyson meant to boxing, and what Pele did for football in the 1970s. The worst conditions for this sport.

It’s all in the hands of Jorge Mas, MLS, and Inter Miami now, but American fans have never been so close to seeing Lionel Messi week after week, and never have. MLS was very close to making a real breakthrough for the national audience.

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