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Netflix has released new images for season five of The Crown, which will star Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, Dominic West as Prince Charles and Imelda Stanton as Queen Elizabeth II. Here, check out Debicki’s height, and Diana’s height.

Elizabeth Debicki
© Anthony Gnasia/Getty Images for ChopardElizabeth Debicki

Season 5 From “the crown” will hit Netflix In November, the platform released new images for its customers: Elizabeth Debicki Princess Diana Dominic West Like Prince Charles and Imelda Stanton Queen Elizabeth. However, one detail caught the attention of fans: Debicki’s height.

Australian actress and former model is known for her work in The great GatsbyThe Tenet and Guardians of the Galaxy. In the new posters released by Netflix, she is seen on one side, while Stanton and West are on the other. The slogan “A House Divided” illustrated the division between the two sides.

Both Debicki and West seemed to be the same height, and some fans were disappointed with this fact, as she is a bit taller than him. However, the decision is, most likely, driven by accuracy. Here, check out how tall the actress really is and how long Princess Diana I was.

Elizabeth Debicki’s height: Is she taller than Princess Diana?

Princess Diana has been portrayed by many actors over the years. Recently, Emma was nominated in the fourth season of The Crown, and Kristen Stewart in the Oscar-nominated “Spencer”. While Corinne is 5’8 inches tall, Stewart is 5’5 inches tall. while, Debeki is 6 feet 3 inches tall.

but, Princess Diana was 5’10 inches tall. Meaning, Corinne was the most accurate choice regarding this aspect. Prince Charles is also 5’10 inches tall. Most likely, this is why both actors will appear as if they have the same height. West is 6’0 inches tall.

When she was announced as part of the cast for seasons 5 and 6, Debicki said “Princess Diana’s spirit, her words and her actions live in the hearts of so many. It is a privilege and an honor for me to join this wonderful series, which has made me absolutely addicted from the very first episode.”

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