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“Prey for the Devil” is a supernatural horror film that follows a young nun (Jacqueline Byers) trying to save a girl from an exorcism. Here, check out when and how you can watch or stream this movie in the US.

prey to the devil
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Halloween Almost here, the perfect time to enjoy more scary movies. This year, many horror films successfully hit the box office, such as “smiles” or Black phone. However, if you have already seen these, they were released recently “Devil’s Prey” It may be an option.

The movie is directed by Daniel Stam (The Last Exorcism, The Walking Dead), follows a young nun trying to rescue a possessed girl through a spirit who was also tormented by her mother years ago. salvation Jacqueline Byers He plays the honorary nun

Meanwhile, Colin Salmon, Christian Navarro, Virginia Madsen, Lisa Palfrey, Nicholas Ralph and the late Ben Cross, who finished filming shortly before his death in 2020, has completed acting. Check out where you can watch or Stream this movie.

Is ‘Devil’s Prey’ available to stream?

“Prey for the Devil” was released in US theaters on October 28in totals 3 million dollars Friday. So, you can watch the movie in theaters, and you can check its availability on websites like Fandango.

It has not yet been announced when the film will be available to stream or on which platform it will be. However, the film is distributed by Lionsgatewhich recently signed a deal with Roku and Peacock Channel To grant the rights to their films immediately after the theatrical release.

After the pandemic, the norm for most studios to start playing their films is 45 days after their theatrical release. However, in some cases it can be shorter or simultaneous (Universal), while studios like Sony follow a more traditional path, releasing their films months after the premiere.

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