Hungry for the FIFA World Cup? The challenge that allows you to attend all 64 matches


The world Cup An unforgettable experience for everyone National Team Participant in it, but also for fans lucky enough to watch it, especially live. As a gourmet dish, it is served hot but in small portions: only 64 matches will be played Qatar 2022.

Once the curtain opens and the great football action begins, the show unfolds so quickly that it ends in the blink of an eye. This is why a football fan can’t get enough of it world Cup of football. Hence the eagerness to wait for her for four long years.

But what if you suddenly had a chance to enjoy it all Qatar 2022 Live matches? Yes, it sounds like a utopia, but luckily for fans, it will be a reality. There is a way to achieve this and we will reveal it to you below.

Why in Qatar 2022 will you be able to attend all the matches?

First of all, it should be noted that the upcoming version of world Cup of football He has favorable conditions to be able to attend as many matches as possible, or even all 64 matches: the regional extension of the host country.

Never before in the history of this tournament has such a small country been the host. Before Qatar 2022, the editions held in the smallest territorial extension were those of Italy (1938 and 1990), which has an area of ​​30,230 square kilometres; More than double 11,570 square kilometers for Qataris.

And therefore, The distances between the host cities can be easily overcome. The longest distance between Qatar 2022 stadiums is from Al Wakrah to Al Khor, which is 70 kilometers. There is no need to use an airplane to cover it and in a matter of hours it can be covered by the ground.

Is it possible to attend all the upcoming World Cup matches?

It must be said, from the very beginning that the task seems gigantic, and in some cases impossible, for example, in the third and final round of matches. Qatar 2022 The group stage, two matches are played at the same time. Except for these cases, there is a chance to achieve this, if you have a really fast means of transportation.

The scenario is as follows in the most severe stages Qatar 2022: One match is played lasting two hours, after which there is only an hour difference between the end of the previous match and the start of the next match. Is it possible to cover the distances between the stadiums at that time? Maybe yes, but the margin of error or delay is minimal.

The challenge that promises to fulfill the fans’ dream of attending all Qatar 2022 matches

The Qatar 2022 Organizing Committee has launched an invitation to participate in a challenge called Every quiz is a beautiful gamewhich is a great prize to attend in person to each of the 64 games that will consist of it Next World Cup.

It is worth noting that the achievement of attending all matches of the World Cup is, according to the organizing committee of Qatar 2022, something that has not been achieved before. It is understood that the logistics will be taken care of to make this possible for the winner of the competition.

Details of each beautiful game competition, which allows to attend all Qatar 2022 matches

It should be noted that the winner of this challenge will receive the prize and will attend all the matches of the upcoming tournament world Cup Totally free. Then it is worth noting that there will be only one winner. So the battle to win will be fierce.

To participate, you must meet the following requirements: be passionate about football, be skilled in managing social networks (preferably have a good level of followers), ability to record videos (including selfie mode) using a cell phone or GoProSpeak English, be at least 21 years old, be physically fit for a challenge, be able to be in Qatar from 18 November to 19 December and have a full COVID vaccination plan approved under Qatar laws.

The deadline to register as a candidate is Friday, September 30, 2022 at 3:59 AM CT. Must be registered on this site You must provide information such as: full name, passport, age, gender, nationality, certificate of vaccination against coronavirus, country of origin, telephone, email, links to your social networks, the team you support in Qatar 2022, and answer three Questions, record a 20-60 second video with a brief presentation and explain your passion for football.

If you have the desire to make history and be the first or one of the first fans to attend all matches Next FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022Completely free, this is a golden opportunity that you cannot miss. Good luck and God bless you!

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