Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s PDA Body Language


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry They arrived in New York City earlier this week, and their first public stop? Prince Harry’s main speech At the United Nations for Nelson Mandela Day. The pair appeared at the event side by side, and I had a very nice PDA moment When taking their seats – so, of course, it’s time to analyze their body language.

Body language expert Judy James says the sun That Harry displayed “a high level of nervousness and tension” at the event (understandable!), and says that “the calmer and more prepared Megan entered into an assertive parenting situation, using a corrective gesture to ensure reassurance after Harry appeared to ignore or ignore her hand lock”.

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Referring to the viral video above of Meghan and Harry’s PDA moment, Jodi said, “Meghan is the professional when it comes to performance and is never seen as nervous or anything else unsure of herself before giving the speech. This may be why she gets into a situation Care, he corrects his refusal to lock the hand by pulling the hand into her lap and holding his arm with her left hand. She also looks at the lock as if checking it. Her manner of care is also shown when she hears a woman behind them coughing and immediately brings her a bottle of water from her bag.” (Umm, Megan is the best!)

Meanwhile, Harry’s response to Meghan’s handclip seemed “positive” because “his fingers are wrapped around her, plus once he’s finished his speech, he’s sitting next to her and seems to be instigating the same clasp.”

In other words, these two are entirely on the same page. And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this particular hand. “Meghan obviously uses it as a useful anchor tag as well as an expression of affection like a personal digital assistant,” says Jody. “She was also rubbing Harry’s arm with her hand and thumb, which is a version of the double-branded clamp she used for their engagement photoshoot.” We see?

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In conclusion: these two!

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