Intimate Concert Venues from Roseville to beyond that deliver top-notch experience


Smaller concert venues top our list

ROSEVILLE, CA – Getting a musical fix, a night of laughter, or a few hours of entertainment doesn’t have to set you back a small fortune.

Intimate concert venues in Roseville, Sacramento and around Northern California are catering to the rapidly growing demand for fans looking for the full experience in a more vibrant and affordable environment. The money fans regularly save on higher ticket prices is often returned to the community in local restaurant and beverage sales.

New business for global talent

By keeping up with smaller venues, fans often enjoy the opportunity to see new acts before they hit the “Big Time” and discover seasoned, world-class musicians who have developed and honed their craft outside the glare of mass pop culture media.

Roseville Today is always looking for the highlights that provide the most complete and richest experience. In this installment, we’ll cover some great places that go above and beyond without breaking your wallet. Here’s a sampling of some of the more memorable and intimate concert venues worth considering.

Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, California

The party venues are worth checking out

Goldfield Trading Post – Roseville, California

With its very convenient location in downtown Roseville, and walking access to delicious restaurants and bars, Goldfield Trading Post Offers affordability in a comfortable and lively environment over two floors. The upper section includes a bar and stalls while the lower section is close to the bar and allows you to move your feet. Dinner, drinks and tickets at a high price on the affordability scale. Free parking is available.

Odd Fellows – Auburn, Calif.

A welcoming place with great vibes. It’s also conveniently located in downtown Auburn, a culture-rich community featuring world-class craft brews, outdoor entertainment, farmers’ markets, festivals, funky restaurants and more. Concerts at Odd Fellows have always offered us a good time in what can only be described as a group atmosphere. Casual, intimate and friendly, it gets a little loose here. The Odd Fellows venue is standing room only (some ADA seating available). Extra fun at a great price.

Crest Theatre, Sacramento, California.

It is located on K Street in the famous Sac Crest Theatre It provides comfort and convenience to fans looking to get a wealth of talent running through it. Remodeled in 1949, the Crest Theater has a long history in DC. The high-quality sound and elevated seats provide excellent views for all.

Arts Center – Grass Valley, California.

A legendary sound system in downtown Grass Valley, this small venue offers a standing and sitting room that provides a great view wherever you look. Complemented by an art gallery bar with reasonably priced drinks, it’s a fun place to hang. Arrive early and grab a snack or a drink while strolling downtown. Arts Centre It regularly attracts international talent and big names to this beautifully renovated venue.

Guild Theatre, Menlo Park, California.

A beautiful and precious transformation of this 500-person venue, and Syndicate Theatre Sometimes it can feel more like a rock house party than a concert venue come showtime. Conveniently located on El Camino Real, there are many shops, restaurants and hotels all within walking distance. Arrive early and spend the day enjoying some of the Bay’s best.

Uptown Theatre, Napa, California.

Located in the heart of downtown Napa, the expectations and demand for a quality experience will always be higher than most places. Luckily, Uptown Theatre Solid win here for the fans. After a day exploring Napa’s bounty, indulge in this beautifully designed, nearly 800-seat venue for a glass of wine and a show.

Yes, it’s Napa, so expect some big names and talent to come through town.

Fox Theatre, Oakland, California

Auckland is often overlooked in favor of that city on the other side of the bay. for those who know, Fox Theatre, Oakland And the neighboring blocks come alive on concert nights. This ornately renovated venue is a concert delight and a favorite Bay Area stop for international musicians. Take BART to town and enjoy the countless restaurants and bars around the venue before or after the show.


Folsom Harris Center – Folsom, California.

Slightly larger than previous selections and with higher prices, the Folsom Harris Center deserves a spot on our list for value, quality, and a great experience for a night out at Folsom.

multiple places within a place, and Folsom Harris Center It offers elevated views and great sound and visuals. Enjoy comfortable seating and a richer experience in this upscale venue.

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