Irish Coffee recipe for St Patrick’s Day or anytime of the year


Inspired by The Buena Vista’s, a San Francisco classic

ROSEVILLE, California – In some places across America, the holiday fervor surrounding St. Patrick’s Day bears some similarities to the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo in California. It is a fun day to celebrate and appreciate culture with food, drink, family and friends.

Every year around this time, we are inspired Buena Vista In San Francisco and their famous delicious Irish coffee. We’ve tested and crafted blends that set the mood with a unique and delicious twist from the comforts of home. It tastes equally delicious with or without alcohol.

Making Irish Coffee with French Press and Tullamore Dew
Inspired by The Buena Vista

Try it with your favorite ingredients!

Irish Coffee Recipe – Ingredients

  • It is recommended to use a French press if available
  • Peet’s Holiday Blend Dark Roast or your favorite blend!
  • Tullamore Dew whiskey (My choice)
  • Heavy cream
  • sugar cubes

Irish twist

  • Fill your glass with piping hot water for preheating and empty it
  • Pour 6 ounces of coffee
  • Gently put two cubes of sugar, stirring until it dissolves
  • Add an optional shot of whiskey
  • Gently pour the heavy whipping cream over an inverted spoon to add even topping
  • Enjoy!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Clover St. Patrick's Day

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