Is ‘Inside Man’ Based On A True Story? Steven Moffat Revisited ‘Sherlock’ To Create Series


Emmy and BAFTA Award-Winning TV Writer Stephen Moffat Detectives certainly love his intelligence. Along with Mark Gates, Moffat co-created and co-wrote four seasons of the BBC series Sherlock Back in 2009 which, of course, was hugely acclaimed with a worldwide viewership. The screenwriter is now back to bless our screens once again with the new BBC crime drama inside man, which debuted on September 26. As its multi-layered events swirl through the ranks of viewers, we found ourselves wondering if inside man It is based on a true story.

Answer: Not really. Moffat wrote the text as an original work for the BBC. As explained to Radio Times“Since Doyle invented Sherlock Holmes, there has been no other kind of detective – They are all steals from Sherlock Holmes. So this time around, the writer has chosen to turn the usual detective trope on its head by creating a detective specifically that hasn’t been done before. Benedict Cumberbatch Walking around the London crime scene in a long coat, the main character of inside man He solves crimes while spending time in prison, which Moffat felt offers a different perspective to most TV detectives.

inside man It follows Jefferson Griff, a death row inmate in the US penal system, who plays him Stanley Tucciwhose story is intertwined with Harry Watling, a local priest in a small town who plays him David Tennant; investigative journalist (It’s a sin‘s Lydia West); And the math teacher is trapped in a basement (The pursuit of love‘s Dolly Wells). If putting on the show this way sounds a little crazy, it’s because it’s kind of – the audience knows that underworld Griff killed his wife, but we don’t know why, nor exactly how the characters intersect with each other.

“We can all kill someone,” Tucci said. Watchman about his personality. “You can’t play a mustache-wrapping villain with an eccentric or a funny voice… and that, to me, is what makes it fun. The more normal it was, the scarier it was.

As Moffat explained Gref’s worldview:His own field of vision is that he knows anyone can do it [commit murder]… He believes that every human being is perfectly capable of being hated—and the advantage of losing everything he values ​​from his life, is that he has the insight that removes all the lies that support our illusion of safety.” With this kind of stark personality, it might actually be better inside man It is just a fantasy after all.

This drama is not the first time that Moffat and Tennant have worked together. Moffat was a writer Doctor from During Tennant’s tenure as a physician. In an interesting twist of fate, Moffat’s son Louis also plays the title role inside manAnd the Like Ben Tennant on screen Ben.

inside man It airs Monday and Tuesday evenings at 9pm on BBC One, with the four-part series ending on Tuesday, October 4.

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