Is October 31 a Bank Holiday?



Horror season has begun and we are just hours away from going out to celebrate Halloween. It’s time to bring out our best costumes and decorations. But first, check here to see if October 31 is a bank holiday.

Halloween Show at The Old Bury in 2020.
© Handout / Handout / Getty Images for The Old BuryHalloween Show at The Old Bury in 2020.

Halloween Just around the corner and most of them are already planning for the night, because during the morning they will have to carry on with their usual routine, given the fact that this year falls on Monday. But What do people usually do on October 31? Well, there are many great options, such as going trick-or-treating, going to Amazing Masquerade PartiesPumpkin carving or simply Celebrating with friendsOr family or co-workers.

The origins of the celebration go back far, namely in the twentieth century, when some spooky decorations began to be produced. Whereas fashion in the 1930s and trick-or-treating habits emerged in the 1950’s, only 20 years later. This has become one of the most profitable holidays ever, if not the first.

The holiday came to the United States thanks to immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. Since that time, it is believed, according to some European cultural traditions, that October 31 is the date Charm is stronger and Souls can communicate with the physical world. Soon it was consecrated the night before Halloween.

Is October 31 a bank holiday?

Halloween is not a holiday and we work normal business hours. Government offices and businesses will be open as usual, as well as transportation and postal services, schools and stores will be open as usual. October 31 It is not included in the Federal Reserve System holiday calendar, so It is not considered a bank holiday.

Most businesses, both wholesale and retail, will work at normal business hours, due to the fact that this year’s celebration falls on a Monday, a business day. If you are thinking about how to decorate your home or party, remember this Halloween spirit It will remain open and open to the public.

What is a bank holiday?

Bank holiday does not have the same meaning all over the world. In the United States, the term refers to Those days when the banks (Some like Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, CitiBank) closed By executive order or by order of Congress, without necessarily directly related to national holidays.

In contrast, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the term is attributed to the holidays normally enjoyed by bank workers, which have now been extended to other sectors, and remain active only in services such as firefighting, ambulance, medical, police and others.

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