Is Qatar’s population increasing or decreasing in 2022?


Qatar 2022

Qatar is preparing for one of the most important events of the year and football: the 2022 World Cup. But the suspicion that has been established since it was known that the state will be responsible for its implementation is that the population is increasing or decreasing. ?

People fishing along the waterfront along the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar.
© Sean Gallup / Getty ImagesPeople fishing along the waterfront along the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar.

streets Qatar Already starting to live at a party World Cup 2022 The countdown has begun. All teams are preparing to participate for the first time in the stadiums and group stage It is scheduled to start on November 20, while the final is expected to take place on December 18.

There will be up to four matches per day during the first phase and will take place throughout the day. The only matches that may overlap are those played on the last day of the group stage, due to competitive integrity. If you want to prepare for the preview, you can make your prediction over here.

In addition to the excitement of a football event, the Persian Gulf country has Many activities and places To enjoy in the meantime, such as museums, art galleries, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and more. One of the big questions is: What is the population of Qatar so far? Well, here is the final number:

What is the current population of Qatar in 2022?

Qatar residents increased rate 13.2% last year preceding the World Cup. This is because the state employed thousands of workers abroad before it began preparing for the biggest event in football. It currently has a population of 2.94 millionhaving absorbed an additional 370,000 people by 2021.

Tied diameter 0.04% of the world’s total population and rank 139 in the list of countries And rely on the population. Here, check out what the population has been up to in recent years:

  • Qatar’s current population in 2022 is 2,994,405, an increase of 13.2% over 2021.
  • Qatar’s population in 2021 was a total of 2,688,235, a 2.61% decrease from 2020.
  • Qatar’s population in 2020 was 2,760,385, down 1.67% from 2019.
  • Qatar’s population in 2019 was 2,807,235, an increase of 1.46% over 2018.
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