Is the new Harry Styles’ movie based on a true story?



The romantic drama “My Policeman” starring Harry Styles, Emma Corin and David Dawson has finally arrived in Prime Video. Here, check out the movie’s inspiration.

Policeman (2022)
© IMDbPoliceman (2022)

New from his role in “do not worry my love ,” Harry Stiles Leading a romantic drama “policeman” In which he plays a character divided between two lovers, performed by him Emma koren And the David Dawson At a time the LGBTI was punished by law.

The movie was shown for the first time in Toronto International Film Festival 2022, With the cast receiving the Outstanding Performance Award, it hit Prime Video on November 4. While previous reviews have been positive, the drama has received mostly mixed or negative reviews.

However, the film directed by Michael Grundig, did not fail to connect with the masses. The tragic love story at its core is rather poignant, and many fans want to know the inspiration behind the film. Here, check out the true story of “policeman”.

What is the inspiration for “Policeman”?

The film is based on the 2012 novel of the same name Bethan RobertsWhich was inspired by the true love triangle between the author E.M. Forster, call a policeman Bob Buckingham And his wife. The relationship lasted 40 years, and the ending was almost as tragic as the one in the movie.

According to an article from Roberts to Watchman In 2012 while promoting the novel, Forster and Buckingham share a romantic relationship of 40 years. Per Digital Spy, they met at the Oxford v Cambridge Regatta in 1930, and the two grew up.

However, Buckingham decided to marry in 1932 a nurse named mayo. Like the movie, Forster became friends with the couple and they spent a lot of time together. The writer even became the godfather of the couple’s child.

After the common three a “triple arrangement” May took care of Forester, after the author suffered a series of strokes in the 1960s. After that, Forster decided to confess their love affair, but just as Harry Tom did in the movie, Buckingham denied the accusation and distanced himself from his lover.

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