Is the quarterback leaving the Panthers?



Although Baker Mayfield has just arrived in Carolina, there are rumors that he could leave the Panthers because he is set to be a reserve back-back rather than a starting player, as he had thought.

Baker Mayfield - Carolina Panthers - NFL 2022
© Grant Halverson / Getty ImagesBaker Mayfield – Carolina Panthers – NFL 2022

The 2022 NFL season was not what Baker Mayfield expected to be. The leopards Quarterback landed in Carolina This year, but it looks like it will be Backup instead of initiatorwhich may lead to an idea a Possibility to trade for another team.

When leopards and Brownagreed to trade Baker Mayfield to CarolinaEveryone was shocked. The NFC team was already Sam Darnold As quarterback, they entered a race for the primary job that the former Cleveland player won.

Unfortunately, Mayfield The start wasn’t the best. He was injured at the beginning of the season and PJ Walker Has stepped up. Now, it looks like the reserve midfielder has stole his place And of course The rumors started to speak about Possibility to trade Mayfield (again).

Baker Mayfield talks about his trade rumors: Is he leaving the Panthers?

Yes, strange to hear Baker Mayfield Name in Trade Deadline 2022, but it happens. After a not good start with leopardssome talked about The possibility of leaving Carolina To be start somewhere else.

But this situation does not give Baker Mayfield Something to think about… yet. Looks like a panther quarterback has He lost the starting job of PJ Walkerbut he won’t be moving from Carolina soon.

Prior to Week 8, Baker Mayfield was questioned about the idea of ​​leaving the NFC team. “I want to be here,” Quarterback responded to Joe Pearson of The Athletic, revealing that Cheetahs were not required to be traded.

“My role right now is to help us win in any way we can. That’s training, helping out in the QB room, doing the scouting team stuff,” Mayfield saidI enjoy what I’m doing now. Like I said, I obviously would like to be there, but PJ played his ass and deserves to be there again. …so I do everything I can to help this team win.”

Steve WilkesThe interim Panthers coach has revealed that Mayfield will return this week and it should be healthy to match against hawksbut it might be so PJ Walker, Atlanta quarterback.

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