It will take a ‘bulletproof’ startup to break the IPO logjam • TechCrunch


Intel managed to me Spin Mobileye As a public company it was kind of good news for the tech exit market. But the emergence of one successful company is not a sign of the re-emergence of technology in the general market.

In fact, with the news that Instacart is now pushing for an IPO in 2023, The upcoming calendar of technology exits (apart from mergers and acquisitions) is more than poor. He is dying.

Maybe that’s why Twitter-Musk . epic Anti-IPO in that we’re seeing a social media company become private — take a lot of oxygen: There’s not a whole lot of other stuff going on when it comes to cool exits. Good , UserTesting Sell AsideI assume.

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What matters to us is understanding when the IPOs will return, as it can provide another way in which late-stage startups can raise capital. Currently, There is concern That some unicorns are not investable and therefore will die. More capital for the $1 billion startup pool could ease some of that pressure, not to mention help confirm a new pricing scheme for startup stocks.

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