Ja Morant issues strong warning to the rest of the NBA



Ja Morant could easily be one of the most talented players in the NBA right now. That is why he knows that a bold statement will be heard from him.

Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies
© Justin Ford / Getty ImagesJa Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morante Drove Memphis Grizzlies To be one of the biggest surprises in NBA playoffs Last season. For this reason, many have thought about rebuilding around 23 years To improve their performance, which he shortened NBA championThe Golden State Warriors.

However, this was not the case for them. The grizzly She was nowhere to be seen nor in NBA Draft Nor free agency. In fact, many of their Western Conference competitors have acquired new players in order to compete in what is believed to be the toughest conference in the NBA. With Garen Jackson Jr. out of the picture at the same time due to injury, it will be Ja Morant to lead this young and talented team once again.

He did so at the season opener at Madison Square Garden against New York Knickswhere Morant Withdrawal 34 pointsAnd the 9 assists And the 4 follow up to win. However, that wasn’t the only thing he picked up last night, he was confident enough to sound a stern warning to the rest of the teams.

NBA news: Ja Morant issues a strong warning to the rest of the NBA

entering it the fourth year K Memphis Grizzlies player In the National Basketball AssociationAnd the Ja Morante He placed himself among the best contenders for individual and group awards thanks to his talent. That’s why it’s no surprise Morant says something unexpected because he believes in himself more.

“When I’m preparing for war, I’m not worried about who is on the other side. As for who has made any outward movements, I’m not worried about that. They get to see Memphis.”. He told about the movements that shocked the NBA during the break. In particular, when the Grizzlies aren’t making any moves on their own, Morant is still confident in his team.

In fact, Ja Morante He has been placed among the top contenders for the Player of the Season award, among the most talented NBA players including Networks‘Player’ Kevin DurantAnd the dollars‘ straight ahead Giannis AnticonmoAnd the mavs Protect Luca DoncicAnd the the Warriors‘ Superstar Stephen Curry.

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