Jack Grealish’s Reaction To England’s World Cup Kit Is Hilariously British


England for men football The team just released a video on their social media that impressed fans, to say the least. The team is currently preparing for the next winter World Cup in Qatar, which begins next November, and after the great success it achieved Euro 2020It’s safe to say the nation has very high hopes. The montage includes a football player Jack Grealish The team’s reaction to the new World Cup kit and his reaction So British.

Over the course of the 15-second video, the midfielder nods to the team’s freshly minted jerseys at home and away, with the unbridled repetitions of “Those strong ten, I have that,” “I’m having it big,” “I actually really own them.” and “No, I really have them, man.” Translate? He really, really loves it.

Social Media Manager for England team We’ve definitely handed over a meme-worthy gem with this one Grealish mix up. Designed and manufactured by Nike, the new guest kit evokes memories of Euro 1992 in a bright red shirt with a navy collar. The team jersey mimics the iconic 1996 team jersey – with the white body, blue blended sleeves and collar – the last time it was three black He won the cup. The shirt kept the white body but mixed it with a blue gradient on the sleeves and collar.

Gareth Southgate’s team will start their campaign, play against Iran on November 21, wearing the home shirt and face the US team four days later.

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