Jaguars trade for WR Calvin Ridley even though it is uncertain if he could play in 2023



Desperation has arrived in Jacksonville on the 2022 NFL trade deadline. The Jaguars have traded the Falcons for WR Calvin Ridley, but it remains uncertain whether he can play in 2023.

Calvin Ridley - Atlanta Falcons - NFL 2021
© Mark Brown / Getty ImagesCalvin Ridley – Atlanta Falcons – NFL 2021

The NFL Trade Deadline Always give fans huge surprises and this 2022 was not the exception. In one of the largest trending movesThe Jaguar went for Calvin Ridleybut it is still uncertain whether it will be Able to play the 2023 season.

Jacksonville suffers in this 2022 Campaign. After eiht games, have a file Jaguar They are in third place from South Asia It doesn’t look like they’re going in playoffsSo they are looking forward to starting next season.

But even when they are No candidates this yearJaguar making some moves Thinking about the future. Now, Jacksonville has traded with hawks For Calvin Ridleya player who may not play in it 2023.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Calvin Ridley Trade Details

Calvin Ridley It is undoubtedly a very good wide receiver, but unfortunately he was not able to play 2022 NFL season. He has been investigated the betWhich is, of course, prohibited by the league.

After a long investigation, the NFL decided that Calvin Ridley couldn’t play in 2021 and the whole of 2022 season. His punishment does not end like this because it may increase to Also suspended in 2023But he can appeal by February 16 next year.

Of course Jacksonville was aware of this situation before trading in his favour. As is Uncertain If the wide receiver is returned by that date, Jaguar and Falcons have agreed to some terms for this step:

  • Jaguar gets WR Calvin Ridley.
  • The Hawks get a 2023 fifth round and a conditional 2024 fourth can go up. (The conditions are: If Calvin Ridley happens re Goodbye date, it’s worth 2023 Votherwise it’s for a file VI. if he makes the team in 2024it’s at least a the fourth. if he Scores a milestone in game timeit’s a Third. if Jacksonville Get long term with himit’s a Secondper Ian Rapoport)
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