Jake Paul would never get to fight Mike Tyson for a shocking reason revealed by Freddie Roach



One of Jake Paul’s greatest hopes as a fighter is to face true boxing legends. Mike Tyson has been repeatedly mentioned as one of his goals, however, that may never happen, said famous coach Freddy Roach.

Jake Paul, boxing
© Harry Ho/Getty ImagesJake Paul, boxing

Jake Paul landed in boxing It’s January 2020 and the Youtuber doesn’t seem ready to leave anytime soon. In fact, he makes plans and refers to the sports titans as his goals to conquer in the future. One of them is legendary Mike Tyson.

TRUE, mike irona Twice World Heavyweight Championhas retired from professional boxing since 2005. However, even after 17 years without entering the ring professionally, his social media and the exhibitions he fought against the legendary also Roy Jones Jr. He dictates that he can definitely resist Jake Paul more than any of the four opponents he faced.

However, unfortunately for problem childand his fans and promoters who will make millions from a fight like this, Chance Jake Paul And Mike Tyson fights practically nothing. A famous boxing coach Freddy Roach He says why.

Freddy Roach says Mike Tyson doesn’t want to fight Jake Paul

Roach is a real boxing figure. His main calling card was the coach who brought in Shootingone of The all-time greats of boxing, to the top. also worked with Miguel CottoAnd the Oscar de la HoyaAnd the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.And the Vladimir Klitschko And the James Tony Among other things. His voice is respected and trusted in sports.

It’s so shocking the statement he made in an interview with him fight the noise Where he narrated the possibility of it Mike Tyson He would agree to a boxing fight with Jake Paul that only lasted 30 seconds to fade, it seems sure, after watching the Youtuber compete.

Tyson looked at him and walked away. Watch him argue for 30 seconds, and leave. He asked me if we could come down and look at the pictures, because this is my gym and he knows that’s where the good pictures are. He wasn’t as interested in training as I wasFreddy Roach said.

Jewelery and cruel. And there’s no way to refute two things: that Freddy Roach has enough credibility to talk about boxing and that Mike Tyson, the true legend of the sport, seems like a distant dream to someone like Jake Paul who hasn’t even fought against a professional yet. The boxer in the five fights he fought, and he will not do that in the sixth, because he measures himself Anderson Silvaa real giant… but from MMA.

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