Jalen Hurts sets a new winning streak record with the Eagles



This could be the year Galen shows all his talents as a mature quarterback ready to win it all. The Eagles play best with Galen leading the attack. Check here his new record.

The pain of the eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles She is without a doubt one of the best teams in 2022 NFL Regular SeasonIt is very likely that they will playoffs this chapter. So far they are 7-0-0 overall.

The Eagles’ last win was during Week 8, where they beat Pittsburgh Steelers 35-13 At home, that match was a showcase of the Eagles’ offensive strength and the Steelers’ poor defense.

The Eagles lead the NFC East division, while giants They are the second best team in that division with a 6-1-0 score and the Cowboys 6-2-0.

What is Galen Hurts’ record of excellence with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2022?

Jalen Hurts’ new record in the 2022 NFL regular season playing with the Eagles is A winning streak of 10 perfect wins. He is now number one among other quarterbacks with a winning streak in the franchiseincluding Carson Wentz, Donovan McNabb and Norm Van Brooklyn with nine wins each.

In most cases, Galen Hurts last game, Post stats against the Pittsburgh Steelers with 19/28 completed pass, 285 yards, 4 touchdowns with no interceptions for an overall rating of 140.6.

This is Galen’s third season with the Eagles, and his first season was in 2020 and during his second season in 2021 he won 8 matches and lost 7 more, although last year’s season was a bit short for Galen due to injury.

Eagles stats source: Jeff Skversky

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