Jerry Jones gets brutally honest on the league protecting QBs too much



Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has addressed recent complaints about the NFL’s protection of brokers in a big way.

Jerry Jones
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The NFL he is Quarterback in the league Now more than ever. Roger Goodell He wants the game to be more exciting, with more attack, more explosive gameplay, and less defense. This translates to fewer visits, and there could be Some exaggeration now and then.

Calls of “bystanders roughing up” are out of control. Defensive stars like Micah Parsons She summoned the governors again and again for not allowing them to do their jobs. It’s hard to get QB by today’s rules, let alone fire him.

However, no matter how the cornerstone of his young franchise feels, Cowboys in Dallas Owner Jerry Jones He actually thinks the league is doing a great job. If anything, they don’t care enough about their QBs.

NFL news: Jerry Jones lauds NFL for protecting quarterbacks

“Yeah, we’ve been trying to take care of the players forever, and we have to be, and the game we have creates a vulnerability,” he said. Jones told the Dallas Morning News. “They are goals and they focus, for the most part, on the ground, away. They use their instincts and senses to feel the pressure, but they are basically trying to carry out the crime. And it cannot be dispensed with, in most cases. We got lucky with [Cooper] Rush and where are we in the quarterback reserve. So yes, you should be.”

“I’ll give you an example, the left foot and the right foot start with his back foot – his outside foot back,” Jones added. “They used to even have those. Well, the difference is big and when you bring it back you can protect the outside impulse to start playing that way. The game has had tweaks since the beginning of time, which are good tweaks and helped us get the game we have today. I have no apologies to offer, in any way, for any of the extra things you’re doing to help avoid injury to the quarterback. The question is, how can you do this effectively without overdoing it? And I think we’ve been doing well over the years. Sometimes it might need some tweaks, and we might be in one of those areas.”

the game It keeps changing and evolvingAnd it will always leave some fans unsatisfied. However, as much as one hates watching injuries and must always defend player safety, some of these penalties are downright ridiculous.

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