Jesse Watters: Democrats are lying and hiding before this election so badly


Fox News host Jesse Waters explains the issues Americans really care about and anticipates ahead of Monday’s midterm elections”Jesse Waters Peak. ”

Jesse Waters: Biden spent $1 trillion to give us tax credits for coffee machines. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Has anyone been asking about tax breaks for a coffee machine? We were asking for safe streets, safe borders, cheap gas – not tax breaks on coffee machines. they midterm message Coffee machine tax credits. This is a good sign that they will be killed. Democrats lie and hide hard before this election.

Polls show JD VANCE at OHIO SENATE OVER DEM TIM RYAN as two groups for the box in tonight’s discussion stage

Biden tells you inflation is zero, then blames the guy who owns the corner gas station, Lenny, for the price gouging. They impeach Trump for withholding aid to Ukraine in exchange for a political favour, then threaten to withhold aid to Saudi Arabia in exchange for a political favour. They call you racist because you take immigrants to a vineyard, and then you fly immigrants to Manhattan in the middle of the night. They say crime is under control, then they hire private security for themselves. They don’t want you to ask the candidates if they are mentally fit, and if you ask about Ukraine, you are a traitor.

Democrats are doing everything they can not to talk about issues because they’ve caused problems they don’t want you to talk about, and that’s the exact reason Democrats are crushed. They’ve spent the past year and a half talking about January 6th. Where do you think it occupies the first place among the voters’ issues?


The three positions? The top five? Top 10? No, it’s the nineteenth, according to the Harvard-19th poll. The three most important issues Americans care about: inflation, the economy, and immigration. What all Democrats are talking about: January 6, climate change, tax breaks for coffee machines and abortion. How do you know that the team does not want to play with you? When they do not take the field up.

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