JESSE WATTERS: The American people have realized they have more in common than Democrats led them to believe


Fox News host Jesse Waters says Democratic and Republican parents are concerned about their children’s education and agree that childcare should stop Monday”Jesse Waters Peak. ”

Jesse Waters: Biden spent more time talking with [transexuak activist] Dylan What he spent on the border. Biden will not meet Elon Musk, the man who makes all his electric cars, but he will meet with Dylan. The midterm Democrats’ message is, let’s neutralize your son. It’s going through a phase, so cut it out. It is wrong not to do that. But withdrawal offers, sexual changes, and 45 pronouns are now part of American foreign policy. Our State Department gave Ecuador $20,000 to display in raffle bids. I think you would call that soft power. If you saw men dressed as women in Ecuador, would that stop you from immigrating to America or would it make you immigrate faster? Did they run it alongside frontier czar Kamala Harris? I don’t think the root cause of migration is the lack of withdrawal offers.

Sexually explicit books are published in California schools, some of which cover ‘covers’, boobs and pornography.

The Latin Drag Queen from Bogota, Colombia, between the ages of 30 and 39, presents her stage work to her followers during a performance inside the theater on Gay Pride Day iStock

Does the Biden administration know that American students can’t practice math anymore? We just saw Biggest drop of all time in math scores for fourth and eighth graders across the country. Democrats closed schools and told all students they were racists and needed a gender change. I wonder why they failed in algebra. It’s as if they want our kids to be stupid, guilty, and confused. It’s easier to lie to them and put them into debt this way.

Democrats are being killed by crime, borders, inflation, and now parents across the country are angry at identity politics.


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