Jordan Poole breaks the silence on Draymond Green and his new contract



Jordan Paul spoke about his expectations after signing an extension, and also talked about his relationship with Draymond Green.

Jordan Paul
© Catelyn Mulcahy / Getty ImagesJordan Paul

The Golden State Warriors Don’t want to waste another second before get a deal with Jordan Paul. that they He signed a massive 4-year extension of $140 million Before the deadline to close all speculation.

Paul broke out as top scorer last season and played a pivotal role in his championship run. Some think he’s ready to take another leap forward next season and Become the future of the Dubs dynasty.

but, His relationship – or not – With Draymond Green It may also have a major impact on what warriors are trying to achieve. So, naturally, he had to tackle this topic before it got out of hand.

NBA news: Jordan Paul breaks silence on his relationship with Draymond Green

“He has apologized and we plan to treat ourselves this way,” said the 23-year-old star. “That’s really all I have to say about it. We are here to win the championship and keep the banners hanging.”

Paul says he could be a star in the league

Poole’s new deal features many incentives, including A reward of 1 million for winning the best player. When asked about fulfilling those expectations, Paul did not hesitate to show his confidence in his abilities and work ethic:

“I did this,” Paul said on the last episode of the Dubs Talk podcast. “I did what I needed to do for the dreams of small town children [being in COVID-19 protocol]”Let’s reevaluate, what can we actually do?” There wasn’t anything I saw that felt so hard that there was no way I could do it.

“All-stars? Yes, why not? The Championship? Why not? I see some of the best players in the world every day in our facility. If they do that, I can just follow their path, it works for them,” Michigan product added. “I try to apply it to what I can do and I’ll give myself the best chance. In terms of whether there’s anything I want to do, yeah All-Star, win a championship, shoot [90 percent] from the line. things like that.”

It’s been Paul’s growth in the league Almost unprecedented. He went from being one of the worst players in the game by most measures to a burgeoning star. So, going forward, I don’t want to put my money against it.

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