Kareem Abdul-Jabbar slams ‘idiot’ Kyrie Irving


Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barclay, And the Reggie Miller They are just a few of the former athletes to stand out for them Keri Irving Dangerous, ignorant and unapologetic statements. Once again, he mistook freedom of expression by spreading hate, misinformation, and theories that had already been debunked.

“When you’re as good at basketball as it is, people listen to you,” Shack said. “It pains me to sit here and talk about the things that divide us. We have to sit here and answer what this idiot did. I stand for the equality of all people.”

Irving repeatedly refused to admit his mistake. The Brooklyn Networks He had no choice but to Stop it without pay for at least five games, That’s when the PR team took over and issued a vague, empty apology filled with cliches. It was too little and too late.

NBA News: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Explains Why ‘Idiot’ Kyrie Irving Will Never Change

For this NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar He didn’t miss another opportunity to take a big shot on Irving, one of his favorite targets lately. The great and well-known Lakers activist claims that there is no hope for Irving anymore:

(via Karim)

“Irving has been defiant about his posts. You can read his long, offhand, and sometimes contradictory defense here. Mostly he reveals his lack of awareness of how history works. It is not an all you can eat buffet where you can choose only the dishes you want without any understanding of context.

The Nets finally forced Irving to acknowledge the damage he had caused and donate $500,000 to groups that oppose hate speech. You can almost hear in his statement that his arm is twisting: I oppose all forms of hatred and oppression and stand strong with marginalized and affected communities every day. I am aware of the negative impact of my position on the Jewish community and I take responsibility.” But there was no outright apology – telling us all about what he really believed in.

Honestly, there is little hope that he will change because he is isolated by fame and money and surrounded by yes people. There is no motivation to know how to distinguish between propaganda and facts. All that remains is for the world to decide how it should respond to it.”

Irving’s desire to be the smartest man in the room has ostracized him, not in the way he claims. He treats himself as a martyr, a misunderstood genius, and his words are always twisted and taken out of context..

The truth is, Kerry has been exposed as a pseudo-thinker again. Either he watched this poorly-produced, anti-Semitic movie and thought the grim facts there were true – and didn’t bother to check the facts, or he didn’t watch the movie and just promoted a hate-filled movie 3 and – flicked half-clicked with fabricated Hitler quotes without even knowing what he was promoting.

But that’s not the biggest problem here. It’s not like one can have different thoughts or ideas – wrong and hateful as they can be. The issue here is Keri He is constantly trying to outdo people who are obviously smarter and more prepared than him just for existence A man with views.

It is enough to play the victim, run in circles, and claim that the media is trying to dehumanize you. you are not innocent, You can’t play this card here. At least be brave enough to own your own hateful wrong views instead of constantly holding back when it hurts your pocket.

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