Katie Porter berated Irvine mayor in texts: ‘lecture me’ on ‘professionalism’ and ‘see what happens’


First on the fox: California Democratic Representative Katie Porter reprimanded Irvine Mayor Farah Khan in their text conversation after she destroyed the Irvine Police Department after carrying out violence last year.

Fox News Digital has obtained the full text message exchange between Porter and Khan following an altercation that broke out at the congressman’s town hall in July 2021 that saw the arrest of the man Porter lives with.

In the transcripts, she criticized Porter Khan, saying she would not call the mayor following Julian Willis’ arrest after he punched a pro-Trump protester, causing the protester to bleed.

California delegate. Katie Porter smashes Irvine PD after the man she was living with was arrested

Irvine, CA, SUNDAY, July 11, 2021 – Representative Katie Porter (D-CA45) holds a meeting at Mike Ward Park Town Hall. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
(Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Fox News Digital previously reported that Porter smashed the Irvine Police Department after Willis’ arrest, calling the force a “disgrace” and that she would “never trust them again.”

Khan said in Text messages are exclusively obtained By Fox News Digital.

Porter wrote, “I’ve never done anything to you before. You can’t say the same.” “I helped you with your campaign and tried to be a good partner. I don’t owe you a phone call.”

Representative Katie Porter, D-Calif., criticized Mayor Irvine Farah Khan in one of her texts sent to her last year saying, "I don't owe you a phone call" And he said, "You can give a lecture on professionalism.  And see what happens."

Representative Katie Porter, D-Calif., criticized Mayor Irvine Farah Khan in one of her text messages to her last year, saying, “I don’t owe you a phone call” and said, “You can lecture on professionalism. And see what happens.”
(Fox News Digital)

“You should have called me [the] complete failure [the] City yesterday, “Porter continued.” I am a woman in Congress in the United States (sic).

Porter added, despite putting on a Batgirl Halloween costume in front of the House of Representatives on the same day Democrats voted in favor of a resolution on ground rules for impeachment against then-President Trump. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and other Republicans mocked the outfit on Twitter.

“As I was with you,” Khan replied, “although I feel treated very badly.”

Porter asked Khan to tell her how he “helped her”, so she texted “I’m listening” and tells Khan she “can take advice on Bogarting stuff or not.”

“It’s up to you,” Porter wrote. “But I’m not alone.” “just me [the] Only someone who respects you enough to give you advice.”

Khan replied, “I have supported you for a very long time and in many ways and still do.”

A pair of Democratic officials also quarrel Khan and her executive assistant Cory Allen went to a Mexican restaurant where Porter was eating, where the congresswoman targeted the mayor’s reputation and made the barbs personal.

“Next time a high-ranking official comes in, come only to the things you are invited to,” Porter wrote. “Your visit to the Mexican restaurant was ridiculous. You have a reputation for not staying in your lane and looking for attention. The result is we’ll keep things out of Irvine next time.”

“You need to hear this [because] It hurts others’ willingness to work with you (sic),’ Porter continued. Tammy, Dave, Mayor of Santa Ana [Vicente Sarmiento], etc. Everything is great. It created pressure on the staff.”

“That’s a big leap you’re making,” Khan replied. “I’m sorry, but Cory and I were planning to go to the Mexican restaurant that day, when we saw the security cars we went somewhere else. I attended all the events I was invited to either by the secretary [Marty] Walsh staff, [the Orange County Labor Federation]or your employees or [Irvine Unified School District]. “

It's unclear what sparked the row over the Mexican restaurant between Porter, pictured in the center, and Khan, but it does illustrate the turbulent relationship between California's two Democrats.

It’s unclear what sparked the row over the Mexican restaurant between Porter, pictured in the center, and Khan, but it does illustrate the turbulent relationship between California’s two Democrats.
(Getty Images)

“It just happened by this particular Mexican restaurant????” Porter replied. “Excuse me.”

It’s unclear what sparked the row over the Mexican restaurant, but it does illustrate the turbulent relationship between the two California Democrats.

After the exchange, the Democratic duo returned to their incredibly formal greeting and communication style, addressing each other by their nicknames.

Neither Porter’s office nor Khan’s office responded to requests for comment from Fox News Digital.

In the initial report by Fox News Digital, Porter spokesman Jordan Wong told Fox News Digital that the congresswoman “was upset about the hijacking of a family-friendly town hall by extremists, which made voters feel insecure, including the use of hateful insults.” in front of the children.”

“I was disappointed that despite our staff alerting the police days before the event that the extremists were openly declaring their intent to disrupt the town hall, the officers on the day of the accident were hundreds of meters away and did not immediately intervene when the fighting broke out,” Wong said.

“Since then, Representative Porter and our office have worked productively with the Irvine Police Department, including the congresswoman hosting the new police chief in her office for a constructive and collaborative meeting,” he continued.


The congresswoman — a former law professor who earned more than $285,000 a year during her time at the University of California, Irvine — made headlines when it was revealed that she had taken thousands of dollars in royalty from law school books she demands from her students. To purchase the courses she taught.

In 2017, Porter, who is now seeking re-election to the House of Representatives next November, received $286,674 to teach two courses per semester at the institution, according to Transparent California.

Since arriving in Washington, Porter has campaigned to make education more affordable for Americans, stating in 2020 that the American political system “has favored the rich and the well-connected for far too long” because “strong people live in one reality while the rest of us live elsewhere.”

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