Kevin Durant drops truth bomb about the Brooklyn Nets’ locker room



The start of the 2022-2023 NBA season wasn’t easy for the Brooklyn Nets nor for Kevin Durant. In fact, the two-time NBA champion revealed an unexpected situation inside the locker room.

Kevin Durant from Brooklyn Nets
© Sarah Steer/Getty ImagesKevin Durant from Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Networks It could be in the middle of a rusty situation inside the locker room, or maybe a problem in the game where the coaching staff isn’t led Steve Nash And players don’t know how to finish the game in order to win it. but, Kevin Durant He spoke about the current situation in the locker room after the Nets’ fourth defeat in a row.

At the beginning of this season, the Brooklyn Networks I experienced Toronto RaptorsThey opened the season with a win. However, since then, he has lost the net to Memphis grizzly In the last minutes of the game Milwaukee dollars In a nerve-wracking game, Team Dallas Mavericks against best player contenderand the last game of the Indiana Pacers at the Barclays Center.

But when it comes to stats, Kevin Durant Not the problem. In fact, the Two-time NBA champion Average 32 points per gamein the first six games of the season, with 4 games pull at least 30 points, but in general at least 26 points. side by side Keri Irvingwhich mediates 30 points per game, With at least four matches 30 points. Although the issue seems unclear so far, Durant spoke about the issue that will persist until Networks win again.

NBA news: Kevin Durant drops truth bomb about Brooklyn Nets locker room

After their fourth consecutive loss, Kevin Durant Some harsh words for the press conference held in Barclays Center. The Brooklyn Nets scored 1-4 after five games in the 2022-2023 NBA season, but it looks like they’re not playing well enough to win games, at least that’s what the media thinks. However, Kevin Durant defended his teammates from the bad comments.

“We’ve lost four games in a row? Should I be excited about that? Of course, we’re cocky. We enjoy basketball. But we love winning. Of course, when we lose the game it will be a gloomy mood in the locker room.” He answered a reporter’s question about the current situation inside the locker room.

It could be one of the most random examples of how competitive I am NBA Immediately. In fact, the Networks You’re supposed to be one of the main contenders for NBA ChampionshipBut when it comes to closing in on a potential win, something happens and it turns out to be a loss for the team he’s managing Steve Nashwho was seen angry at his team’s performance as well as the losses.

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