Kevin Durant reveals why Steve Nash didn’t work as a coach for the Brooklyn Nets



After a tough loss to the Chicago Bulls, Kevin Durant opened up about why Steve Nash was fired as coach from the Brooklyn Nets.

Kevin Durant from Brooklyn Nets
© Dustin Satloff / Getty ImagesKevin Durant from Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Networks They are in the middle of a crisis, not only because they have lost five of their last six matches in 2022-23 NBA Regular Seasonbut because now they have to find another head coach like Steve Nash On the first of November. In fact, he was one of the last people to make comments about the news Kevin Durant.

Before the hard loss days of Indiana PacersThe Two-time NBA champion Mention how difficult it is to keep losing matches. In fact, he confirmed that something was going on inside the Nets locker room Preventing them from winning matches. Of course, after the offseason beef with Steve NashSpeculation has intensified about another fight between the star and the coach.

However, now Steve Nash was kicked out of Brooklyn NetworksHowever, rumors are starting to point to Ime Udoka as a possible replacement for him. In the meantime, Kevin Durant Reaction for the first time in public, to his firing ex coach.

Kevin Durant reveals why Steve Nash has not worked as a coach for the Brooklyn Nets

Hours before the eighth game of the season Brooklyn NetworksThis has been mentioned by many reports including Sham Charania of athletes Steve Nash has been fired as a Nets coach. Not long after, rumors circulated about a possible replacement, Im Odoka. However, it wasn’t until another difficult loss to the Chicago Bulls Kevin Durant She responded to the news in front of the media.

The two-time NBA champion was asked why Steve Nash’s era in the Brooklyn Nets as a head coach was unsuccessful. “We didn’t have a healthy team, we didn’t play well. That’s what happens in the league. It doesn’t take away from Steve’s basketball IQ, how he knows the game. I don’t think that takes away anything. It just doesn’t work.”

Steve Nash fired after 7 games In the 2022-23 NBA season where he was Brooklyn Networks It was placed 13th in the Eastern Conference standings with a record of 2 wins and 5 losses. Although both Kevin Durant OKYeri Irving Having over 30 game points during the start of the season, the Nets couldn’t finish winning easily.

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