Kids thrive with ‘sittervising’ instead of constant parental involvement, experts say


The concept of “visiting the site” – allowing children to play with each other, without direct parental involvement – is beneficial to both child and parentAccording to many parenting experts.

The term “sittervising” was popularized on August 10, 2022, in a blog post by Seattle-based mom Susie Allison, titled “Why You’ll Find Me Sitting You”. However, people on TikTok and other social media platforms have been using it since at least early 2021, an internet search has revealed the term.

“Sittervising is all about supervising children from a seated position,” Suzy Allison wrote in Busy Toddler’s personal blog.

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Alison describes herself as a “former teacher with a master’s degree.” [degree] An early childhood education mother of three” she has used the term “visiting a babysitter” for years.

Mommy blogger Susie Allison of Seattle says that a “baby visit” is beneficial for both the baby and the parent. In addition, in practice, “Parents cannot dedicate 100% of their time to playing it [their] She said.
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“Members of my community are thrilled to see the site expand, and the reaction has been positive,” she told Fox News Digital by email.

Noting that visiting the site has benefits for both child and parent Because “dads can’t dedicate 100% of their time to playing with the kids,” she said, parents “have other jobs to do, whether it’s work outside the home, indoors, or to make the house work.”

“Speaking of myself, it’s boring to always play with your kids. Let’s say it honestly,” said Lenore Skenazy of Let Grow in New York City.

She added, “When parents devote all their time to facilitating children’s play, they do so by sacrificing their other work. Parents then have to do a whole day’s work after the children go to bed. This leads to parental fatigue, guilt and stress.”

“Seismic shift” in Attitudes toward parenting It was evident in the late ’90s, Allison said. That decade saw “parents dedicate more of their time, money and resources to raising children in a way that previous generations had not,” she said.

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She said social media has turned parenting into something “candidate” and “publishable”, with parents becoming competitive as they compare themselves to other parents and how they have been raising their children.

Blogger Susie Allison has suggested that adults, by interfering with children's play, can change their plans and directions in an effort to please all players.

Blogger Susie Allison has suggested that adults, by interfering with children’s play, can change their plans and directions in an effort to please all players.

“Somewhere, the idea that raising children requires parents to facilitate every aspect of a child’s life – including play – has become the norm,” she said.

Allison added that in our attempt to be “the best parenting generation ever,” we’ve mistakenly “changed the fundamentals of how children learn and develop, adding endless amounts of stress and strain on our parenting.”

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Lenore Skenazy, President of Let Grow, a non-profit organization that promotes childhood independenceHe is also the founder of the Free-Range Kids movement. I wholeheartedly agreed with Allison’s feelings and the concept of “visiting the site”.

Raising children on helicopters — the opposite of visualizing a placement — is “stressful,” New York City’s Skenzie told Fox News Digital in an interview.

Let Grow President Lenore Skenazy said that helicopter parenting "accidentally caught," But she doesn't think parents really enjoy it.

Lenore Skenzie, president of Let Grow, said helicopter parenting “caught by accident,” but she doesn’t think parents really enjoy it.
(Lenore Skenzie)

“[Helicopter parenting] It is one of those things that was discovered by mistake. “I don’t think anyone likes to do that,” she said.

“Speaking for myself, it’s boring to always play with your kids. Let’s say it honestly.”

Skenazy said the idea of ​​parents “crawling on the floor” and playing with their children was unheard of in many foreign countries.

“When I was raising kids, we prided ourselves on our children’s independence and ability to navigate their world,” said one grandmother in Baltimore.

“And in our culture, it started to get normal, and then parents got worried if they didn’t do these things – were they good enough parents,” she said.

Take risks and leave it alone They were considered normal parts of childhood until very recently, Skenzie explained. It was her experience that the parents themselves forgot about this.

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“I always ask most parents to rethink something they absolutely loved doing as a kid,” she said, referring to some of the conversations and presentations she gave to groups.

She then said she asks people to raise their hands when they think about what they like.

We have by chance "changed the basics of how children learn and develop, and [have] It added endless amounts of stress and tension to parenting," Mom said blogger Susie Allison.

We’ve accidentally “changed the basics of how kids learn and develop, and [have] “It added untold amounts of stress and tension to parenting,” said mom blogger Susie Allison.

Then I asked him, ‘Well, was your mom there? “And if I’m doing it with a lecture, everybody’s hands are down.”

With birth visitation normalizing today, Skenzie said she hopes parents realize they’re not harming their children if they back off a bit.

“Your child will be fine,” she said.

“I think parents may need some kind of reassurance,” she added, and that they are not “shocked” their children by raising them in this way.

A grandmother from the greater Baltimore area told Fox News Digital that in her day, what is now called a “site visit” is the “robust and confident” way children are raised.

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“When I was raising children, we were proud of our children’s independence and ability to navigate their world,” she said.

She also said, “Now, I think parents pride themselves on being ‘close’ to their kids – but I think it’s more about being in control of their kids.”


“Good parenting often means taking yourself out of the equation and trusting them to find their way around on their own.”

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