Kim Kardashian Went All Out with Privacy to See Pete in Australia


Kim kardashian recently visited Pete Davidson In Australia (where he’s currently filming) and she went all the way to make sure it wasn’t filmed. Like, you’re not ready for that extra level.

daily mail Reports that Kim’s security team worked “around the clock” to ensure her visit was kept under surveillance, because she “didn’t want anyone to know she was in Australia” and simply he did not do Want to worry about being photographed? As one source puts it: “That’s the one percent of the time you don’t want to worry about it getting sparkling and just want to turn it off.”

“She is only here to spend time with Pete and has no plans to leave the hotel,” the source added. “It’s a very low-key flight and you don’t want to be bothered. Kim is happy to say ‘hello’ to you if you happen to come across her, but she definitely doesn’t want to have her picture taken on this flight.”

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Kim and Pete secured their privacy by requiring employees to sign non-disclosure agreements, and it appears everyone has also been told not to be photographed or ask for selfies/autographs.

Once again, the couple barely left their hotel, but they did leave a few times she didKim used decoy cars. Nor was she able to get into a luxury car for the trip, which she was “not satisfied” with at first, but “settled in” because she was simply there. It was not That many options. I hate when that happens!

Anyway, it looks like Kim is back in the States after the short trip to visit Pete. I can’t wait for you to drop pictures, because yes, I totally turned into someone who actively shipped these two. life Kitty comes to you quickly.

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