Knee Deep Brewing in Auburn: A perfect craft brew stop


2022 update: sampling some of California’s best craft beer

Auburn, CA – The last time we joined the gang was in deep knee brewingThey were busy preparing to launch an on-site event center and roll out what is now known as Hola Senor, a delicious Mexican beer. So, with fall and cooler weather coming, we figured it was time to check in and catch up on what’s new at Knee Deep Brewing, one of California’s premier craft beer destinations.

You never know what to expect when visiting Knee Deep because the brewers always have some delicious surprises in store.

For those new to Knee Deep, it’s good to note two different beer lists. The first contains revered Knee Deep favorites like Breaking Bud, Hoptologist, Simtra, Tanilla, and many other classics. It’s the perfect choice, when you know exactly what you want. For beer drinkers who like to try something new, the rotating menu is where it is. Some of the drinks here are experimental, some are temporary visitors, while others are new favorites just waiting for a spot on the big board. We recommend ordering an excursion with a selection from each menu.

the new! Deep fog and deep clarity

Reminiscent of Giant Orange vs Dodger Blue, Knee Deep currently features the battle of Deep Haze and Deep Clarity for the drinks we decided to test.

If you are a fan of foggy beer, Deep Haze is among the best for our taste. Delivering a refreshing and light citrus kick, it doesn’t overwhelm and provides a great balance of hops without being overly bold. ABV is listed at 6.5%. You can find it soon at your local Safeway!

Clarity IPA drinks more like a daily beer. Lighter on the palate, refreshing and easy to drink, our fellow traveler preferred clarity over its more drinkable counterpart. Clarity Weight at 6.5% ABV.

Deep fog and deep clarity It could become a mainstay in the starting spin on Knee Deep’s drink menu. I did well!

Meetings and Events Center

Since our last visit, Knee Deep has completed construction of the event center on the 2,000 square foot site. Located off the main tasting room, this rental space offers some privacy and entertainment space that can host small, intimate gatherings of a few friends, large business gatherings or even weddings of around 100 people.

In addition to a section resembling a small beer hall, there are two picnic areas that offer screens approximately 100 inches in size to practice Golf in 84 Championship CoursesRelax, play games, and you can even play your Bluetooth music. Each bay accommodates up to 8 people.

Spaces are available to rent by the hour for a surprisingly reasonable fee. » Check with Knee Deep for confirmation and schedule.

During all our visits we find the staff very friendly and knowledgeable about the craft beer they have. If you’re not a beer expert, consider having the staff guide you toward sampling beers geared toward your particular tastes. With dozens of beers to choose from, it can make your experience a positive one!

Auburn’s Knee Deep’s Taproom is a short drive less than 30 minutes from most points in Roseville and Rocklin. Unlike most craft breweries, Knee Deep is open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and it is open Friday and Saturday until 9:00 PM. Extended days and hours make it easy to plan a visit at any time.

Craft beer lovers take their quest for quality beer very seriously and fortunately, one of the best places to indulge in this experience is the Knee Deep Brewing Company.


Knee Deep Brewing Company
13395 New Airport Road H
Auburn, California

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