Kourtney Kardashian Calls Out Fake Mason Disick Social Accounts Pretending To Be Her Son


From Penelope Disc to me North West, The Kargener’s grandchildren They are quickly garnering a social media presence like their famous fathers – with some help from their mothers, in the case of Penelope and North, Run their own TikTok accounts. But Kourtney Kardashian wants to make it absolutely clear that one of her children’s alleged social media accounts is pretty much what it looks like: fake.

on July 21 Founder of Poosh She took to Twitter to recall the social accounts pretending to be her 12-year-old son Mason Disick. “After months and months of thinking, you’ll all know this isn’t the Mason in these fake accounts, and some of you don’t,” she wrote on Twitter. “So I’m going to make it very clear: This is not the Mason on these fake social media accounts talking about our family.”

In case you managed to miss the fake accounts Kardashian is talking about, recap: Mason I was On social media, once upon a time. worldwide Posted in March 2020 He even went to Instagram live He discussed his aunt Kylie Jenner’s relationship With Travis Scott. Quickly, though, Kardashian shut things down. the next day, e! reported the news, Kardashian revealed on her Instagram Live that Mason “didn’t ask” for permission and that he was too young for the podium, anyway (“I deleted it because Scott and I felt like…a 10 year old,” she said at the time).

But As indicated by many outlets, Some fans believe Mason is still a secret on social media. It’s not clear which page in particular Kardashian was calling out, but there have been a few such accounts. Kylie’s new baby name And the Pete Davidson’s alleged proposal plans It was among the questions that were “answered” by one of the accounts, according to Capital FM, though it’s not clear how the user gained traction, or why people think it might be Mason in the first place.

in january, Reported by BuzzFeed That Kardashian even banned a satirical account criticizing the family while playing Mason. “Do people love my aunt Kendall? … I find it very boring,” the account wrote in one Instagram story, on the site.

For ports that have not done so Understood that the accounts were parody – if not completely fictitious – Kardashian wrote a few more words in another tweet on July 21: “To all the ‘news’ media that are using this fake account as an extra measure, you know better,” she wrote. In the second tweet. “Stop using it for your lazy news day please and thank you. And for the guy who relentlessly pretends to be a Mason, pretty awful.”

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