Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins get real after beating the Saints



The Arizona Cardinals can finally put some points on the scoreboard. See what Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins had to say about the game.

Keeler Murray and Deandre Hopkins
© Norm Hall / Getty ImagesKeeler Murray and Deandre Hopkins

The Arizona Cardinals They were without the best player in the first six weeks of the season. DeAndre Hopkins Suspended for alleged PED use, which is definitely negative effect Cliff Kingsbury a crime.

The Cardinals were one of the most disappointing teams in the league, especially on the offensive side of the field. They settle on field goals a lot, and implement them in the red zone He was modest at best.

needless to say, Hopkins’ return It has an immediate effect To help them overcome these problems. He went on to 10 receptions on 14 goals, posting 103 yards and some big plays along the stretch.

NFL News: DeAndre Hopkins says his comeback has been a success

“I’ve spent a lot of time off season preparing for this momentAnd the Hopkins said after the game. “Obviously I knew what I was up against, coming off six games. Today was a success. The main goal is to win. If I had 10 catches for 10 yards, if we were going to win the game, I would still be. Euphoria, I feel great. I feel I could have played two more quarters, and three more quarters if I needed to. Today was a good day for my body.”

Killer Murray wanted Cliff Kingsbury to calm down

However, Murray was far from calm. was spotted Going to it with Cliff Kingsbury In the sidelines, which is why he had to clear the air and reveal what they were talking about during that brawl:

“He’s a real mover out there on the sidelines sometimes,” Murray told The Athletic. “It’s ‘Calm down, we’re fine. We’ll make it right.’ We ended up signing up, so that was fine, but that’s all I was saying. Just chill out.”

Kingsbury is not satisfied with his team

Coach Kingsbury is not satisfied with the way they have performed so far. He knows he’s on the hot seat And the playoffs look like a long shot at the moment, even with Hopkins back on the field:

“Yeah, I mean, that’s fine,” Kingsbury said. “I think we act as an insult where we want to be and what we want to do, and you have competitors that have a level of intensity like that, I think it will continue to push us forward.”

“(We don’t play) is not at our obvious level, but I thought we started well,” The coach added. “We should be able to finish in the red, but just some of the executions and things that can’t happen – burning timeouts, ball on the floor, shots and things like that. You just have to get better.”

The Cardinals looked a lot better last night, but they also took advantage of three interceptions, and two of them came back for touchdowns. So, let’s take this win against Andy Dalton with a grain of salt.

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