Kyrie Irving admits he has regrets about last season


Over the past two years, Keri Irving Earn a good reputation About the NBA For being a bit of a hooligan. Offer his views on conspiracy theories and immunization Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Call him a clownAnd the It is often the subject of controversy.

protest irving COVID-19 Vaccine in New York City state last season. He refused to be vaccinated, even though this decision would prevent him from getting on the field to play with Brooklyn Networks.

And while he stuck to his word and his decision throughout the entire campaign, Uncle Drew recently admitted it He has some regrets about how he made that decision Affected the franchise.

NBA News: Kyrie Irving reveals his regrets about last season

(via ESPN)

“Do you have any regrets when you look back on the last year — about anything?

Irving: I’d be lying to you as a human being [if I said I didn’t]. I think we all think about times when we could have made better decisions, times when we wish we could have done things differently and feel the same way sometimes throughout my life.. …Legally I just want to play the long game and not put too much pressure on myself or the people here.

This is something I do every day. We say it like a cliché sometimes, but nah, we’re just letting go of the playing handle [itself] – Enjoy the season and then, We’ll come back and take a look at some of that reflection time and talk about these things in a deeper detail, but as of now that can’t be my focus.”

Irving believes that networks need humility

This isn’t the first time Kyrie has looked back on the season, how things went, and how the Nets needed that wake-up call. For this swept away by the Celtics It was a blessing in disguise for him at least:

“Since we got 4-0, G, we got 4-0… It was supposed to happen like this,” Kerry said two months ago. “Motivation, brother. We needed that humbling experience, especially facing the Celtics. You know, it was really built to be that match.”

“We’ll see them again,” Irving continued. “We’re going to have to. They’re going to be where they are but these guys out there at Boston Bros, I have to see them grow up. So seeing them do what they did last year, in the finals, putting them away, I’m glad they had to go through us.”

Irving picked his player option for the season and is now playing on a new contract, so he’d better focus on basketball and basketball alone. The Nets are still the team to beat on paper, but paper doesn’t win championships.

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