Kyrie Irving may never play for the Nets again



ESPN’s Nick Friedel thinks the Brooklyn Nets have reached the point of no return and doesn’t want Kyrie Irving on the team anymore.

Keri Irving
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The Brooklyn Networks It’s a mess now. They did everything they could to become The team least liked in NBA Dateto me Jay WilliamsAnd the And this statement may not be too far off.

Ben Simmons It is a rare sight in the stadium. Kevin Durant He spent more time defending himself and his teammates than leading them to victory. Keri Irving Doesn’t seem to shut his mouth, recruitment Im Odoka Certainly something else.

But Kyrie’s situation seems to be the most complex of them all. The team didn’t want him there or trust him anymore, and in him Anti-Semitic statements Maybe it was too much to handle. For this Nick Friedel from ESPN He thinks he may have played his last game with the organization.

NBA Rumors: The Nets Don’t Trust Kyrie Irving Anymore

“There are a lot of people inside [Nets] The organization that is tired of the things on earth, Friedel said. “Day after day Kerry has eroded confidence within the organization. So while we’re sitting here now with a hold on hold, there’s a good chance he played his last game there.”

Another Discharge Coming, Claims Analyst

Yahoo Sports Vincent Goodwill She also urged Networks to pull the plug on this experiment. He expects Kyrie to take some time back, and it’s a shame to see Kevin Durant wasting more years of his career in Brooklyn:

“Irving’s vacation is coming up. Set a watch for her. He’s scheduled to be absent and maybe, just maybe, he’ll tell the team this time. Or maybe not,” Goodwill Books. “And that’s why the Nets should be doing the right thing here, starting to get the test shots and young players back by sending Durant to a place where he can be best maximized.”

“The Nets don’t win games, sell tickets, or sell hope, so it’s time to end this trial joke. But they won’t, they’ll dig themselves into another PR gap with Udoka’s explanation – because unlike Irving, he’ll have to answer some uncomfortable questions when it’s official, and even then a huge swath of fans in Brooklyn and beyond will feel invisible , ” Report added.

But truth be told, I actually ordered this KD. He could still be the focus of a winning organization, but he could never really deal with the fact of that The Warriors were Stephen Curry’s team. So, you reap what you sow.

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