Lakers coach Darvin Ham to make ‘inevitable’ decision on Russell Westbrook



Although he has had nothing but praise for Russell Westbrook since taking over, Lakers coach Darvin Hamm will be on the verge of making an “inevitable” decision about the veteran goalkeeper.

Lakers coach Darvin Hamm.
© Ronald Martinez / Getty ImagesLakers coach Darvin Hamm.

After the terrible first season with LakersAnd the Russell Westbrook Doesn’t seem to have a future in Los Angeles. but, Darvin Hamm He said from day one that he had high expectations for all the former superstars.

The new coach has cited Westbrook as one of the best players in the league, hoping to get the best of him in the 2022-23 NBA season. But there are only a few games left in the season, Brody Doesn’t it look different from last year.

Not surprisingly, Westbrook is once again a multi-theme Trade rumors Although the team expressed its support for him throughout the summer. While Ross may take some time to ship, Hamm is said to be considering it his sitting.

Lakers rumors: Darvin Hamm to seat Russell Westbrook soon

“Well, I think Russell Westbrook moving to the bench is inevitable unless his performance changes, unless his team changes,” ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski said via Vanishing world. “But the big deals people want with the Lakers: Westbrook and his $47 million with first-round picks the Lakers got in 27 and 29… all the deals the Lakers didn’t want to do in the off-season, all two weeks after the The start of the season.

“Teams aren’t really serious about doing deals and maybe getting away with trying to be a playoff team, or trying to go to the lottery in a year where Victor Wimpanyama is available. They won’t do that until 20 or 30 games a season. So all the trades the Lakers didn’t think gave them enough value to trade those picks, they all still exist. Utah, Indiana, whose Lakers talked a lot during the off season, I was told they haven’t heard from the Lakers yet this off season.”

The Lakers have publicly shown nothing but support for Westbrook despite the countless trade rumors that made headlines during the holiday period. However, given the how’s it going this chapter, It wouldn’t be surprising to see them change their minds.

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