Lakers could still get Zach LaVine, but there’s a big catch



Although they haven’t made a move in the off-season, one Western Conference executive believes the Lakers can still land Zach LaVine.

Zach Lavigne
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The Los Angeles Lakers They’ve looked better lately, but some flaws in their list It won’t go away anytime soon. Yes, there is Russell Westbrook off the bench he is A step in the right directionHowever, it is defective.

The Lakers can use some archery, especially coming from a guy who can create his own shot. They also need durability and someone who can realistically decompress LeBron James’ Shoulders day and night.

With that in mind, one Western Conference executive thinks they could target the UCLA product and Chicago Bulls star Zach Lavigne. However, it means parting ways Anthony Davis.

NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Replace Anthony Davis for Zach Lavigne

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Sources who spoke with Sean Daveney of Heavy Sports speculated that if the Los Angeles Lakers were fed up with Anthony Davis, Chicago would be their first landing point.

“But the only thing I said, if they were going to make a deal, it would be to send him to Chicago for another clinch man, Zach Lavigne,GM Western Conference told Devine. Davis is from Chicago and would like to play there. LaVine played at UCLA and said he wanted to play in LA, I think that’s the only deal that would satisfy all parties. Because, look, the Lakers wanted AD to be the guy who took over the franchise after LeBron, and he’s clearly not the guy to do it. Maybe it could be Lavigne? “

Davis has been associated with moving to the bulls for quite some time now. Durability issues have a major concern for purple and gold, Much to be desired was left on the field except for that tournament that takes place during the bubble.

LaVine is younger and could help the Lakers transition into a post-LeBron era. Then again, Davis Rob Pelinka man, So he may be reluctant to even consider cutting ties with him.

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